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The American Nuclear Society / Health Physics Society student chapter of Oregon State University is a student run organization connected to the American Nuclear Society National Chapter here are Oregon State University. We run social events throughout the year and provide volunteer ourteach opportunities to students in the School of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE)

As a registered student group at Oregon State University, our ANS chapter provides nuclear education and outreach through student involvement fairs, university and department organized activities, elementary school science fairs, K-12 and public presentations. OSU ANS members also host tours of the facilities at the Radiation Center during the Dad's weekend tours in the fall and Mom’s weekend in the spring.

Outside of academics, the OSU ANS chapter engages current members, prospective students, and faculty through community events including: student departmental recreation soccer, intramural Men's soccer team, pizza nights, bowling, as well as the annual Welcome BBQ. In the current year, we have been striving to increase the activity of the student chapter with educational outreach and our own chapter's involvment with ANS National Student Conferences.

Upcoming Events:

Local Chapter Winter Conference - @ ILLC 155 - January 21st, 2017 9 am - 12:30 pm

9:00 am – Silvino Balderrama, Plutonium Fingerprinting for Forensics

9:18 am – Aaron Tamashiro, Evaluation of U-235 Fission Product Yield

9:36 am – Kyzer Gerez, Analyzing the Change in Isotopic Composition of the Noble Metal Phase with Respect to Burnup Using ORIGEN-ARP

9:54 am – Ari Foley, Developments in Measurement of Delayed γ-Rays Following Photofission

10:12 am – Ryan Doyle, Powering the World with Nuclear… Waste

10:30 am – Garth Gladfelder, Exploring the Primary Mechanism Through Which Radioactive Isotopes of Cesium Can Cause Stress to Plants

10: 48 am - Intermission

11:00 am – Samar Natto, The Effects of the Three Mile Island Accident

11:18 am – Evan Sullivan, The Science and Politics of Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing

11:36 am – Griffen Latimer, Vibration Analysis of Advanced Test Reactor Multiple Hydraulic Test

11:54 am – Max Morrow, Nuclear Power Policy Under the Trump Administration

12:12 pm – Alexander Dueñas, Supercritical CO2 Brayton Cycles for Use in Nuclear Power Plants


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