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Annual Winter Conference

Annual Winter Conference

On January 27th, 2018 from 8 - 6 pm the OSU ANS will be putting on our Annual Winter Conference.
This will be held in the Memorial Union rooms 206, 207, and 208.

This event provides the opportunity for students in the college of engineering to present their nuclear-related research. Each year, we hold a conference for students in the School of Nuclear Science and Engineering and this year we opening up the conference to other schools and areas of research that may influence, or be influenced by nuclear technologies. We are looking for students who might be interested in presenting.

The format is 15 minute presentations with 5 minutes for questions. The student submits a 1-4 page abstract to us, and we assign them to a technical track. The students in NSE tend to go on and present at the American Nuclear Society student conference (http://www.ansstudentconference2018.com) in April, which this year is being held at University of Florida. It is open to all students, so there is opportunity to go and present at the national level.

Our goal is to foster collaboration and try to get both undergraduate and graduate students talking to each other.
Presentation judging criteria
  • Your presentations will be rated according to a scoring rubric with categories such as: technical relevance, speaking style, attire, professionalism
    • We will select winners from each technical track, with overall best-undergraduate and best-graduate awards as well. We select the highest rated presentations to receive travel funding to the ANS national conference, with the expectation that if you receive funding, you are required to present at ANS national
    • We will be sending out more information about presentation requirements on the due date of your abstract.

Submission Criteria

  • If you are interested in being considered for departmental funding for a plane ticket to the ANS National Student Conference, you must submit an abstract in the ANS National format template, a minimum 1 page*
    • Categories
      • Graduate -- 2 pages, using the ANS National template, 15 minute presentation, 5 minutes for questions
      • Undergraduate -- 1 page, using the ANS National template, 15 minute presentation, 5 minutes for questions
      • Undergraduate "presentation experience"  -- 1 paragraph about a topic you're interested in talking about (ANS officers will gladly help to give you ideas/expand on your own ideas). This is a separate track with a 10 minute presentation, 5 minutes for questions, geared towards first-time presenters
    • Templates are accessed at: http://ansstudentconference2018.com/papers.html
    • All submissions are due December 8, 2017, send to: AmericanNuclearSociety@oregonstate.edu
    • When you submit, please choose one of the aforementioned categories and notify us of this in your submission (graduate, undergraduate, or undergraduate "presentation experience")


*If you are a non-NSE student, we cannot extend the offer of travel funding to you. We encourage you to speak with your professor about securing travel/conference funds and encourage you to attend the ANS National Student Conference. We may consider extending some funding to best-presentation winners from outside the school of NSE.


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