2014 Regional Student Conference

Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Team getting Rolling Thunder ready for action!

Building the chassis

Club members construct the chassis for a hydrogen fuel cell powered car.


Experimental car captain Elizabeth Allen-Cole tests thermal diodes. Thermal diodes generate power through a temperature gradient via the Seebeck effect. These thermal diodes will be used to power the second OSU Chem-E-Car.

Welcome to the Oregon State University Chem-E-Car Club website!

"Chem-E-Car is AIChE's annual competition engaging college students in designing and constructing a car powered by a chemical energy source, that will safely carry a specified load over a given distance and stop." www.AIChE.org

The Oregon State Chem-E-Car team represents Oregon State University at the annual AIChE Chem-E-Car competition. The Chem-E-Car club is based in the college of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering (CBEE). Any Oregon State student interested in participating can join. Contact one of our officers on the contact page or come to a club meeting to learn more!