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Spring 2006 Workshops

Spring is here, and so are the spring ACM workshops! Checkout the WorkshopCalendar for more information.

  • Who: Anyone Oregonstate University Student
  • What: Learn about new topics from peers
  • When: WorkshopCalendar
  • Where: Milne Computer Center #201

Programming Competition (ICPC) Introduction

  • Who: Anyone interested in programming
  • What: Learn about the ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition
  • When: Wednesday, October 5th @ 4pm
  • Where: Dearborn #401
  • Why: You could be one of nine students to represent OSU at the regional competition in Bellingham, WA on November 5, 2005

You can find more information about the competition on the competition homepage at: http://acmicpc.org

Fall Term Logistics Meeting

  • Who: Anyone
  • What: Discuss and plan the fall term events (see agenda-20050928)
  • When: Wednesday, September 28th at 5:30pm
  • Where: Dearborn 100
  • Why: Community fair on Friday! And Pizza!!!

Google Pizza Party and IEEE Ice Cream Social

  • Who: Anyone interested in free food
  • What: Free Pizza, Ice Cream and a chance to meet some new people
  • When: Thursday, June 2nd @ 6pm
  • Where: Owen Hall
  • Why: Dead week is tough, we are just trying to help out a bit :-)

Microsoft Representative Visiting Campus

  • Who: Anyone interested in Microsoft Software Development
  • What: Presentation on the .NET platform
  • When: Monday, May 23rd at 5pm
  • Where: Owen 106
  • Why: Pizza and Webservices

Mr. Ivan Lumala, representing Microsoft, will be conducting an informative presentation on the .NET platform and the overall evolution of Web Services. Mr. Lumala will be on campus Monday, May 23rd to provide background on the direction and utility of Microsoft's .NET technology and how the available tools can improve computing services across unbounded networks.

Congratulations to our New Officers for 2005-2006

EECS Departmental Graduation

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