Last Modified: March 8, 2017

Constitution of the Oregon State University ACM Student Chapter Article

Article I
Organization: Name, Purpose, and Non-Discrimination Policy

Section 1

Name: Oregon State University ACM Student Chapter

Section 2

Purpose: The purpose of this club is to provide a resource and a community for students interested in Computer Science at Oregon State University. The club will strive to provide opportunities for students to pursue computer science projects and knowledge beyond the classroom.

Section 3

Non-Discrimination Policy: Membership shall not be denied to any student on the basis of race, color, genetic information, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, or veteran status.

Article II
Membership: Qualifications, and Expectations

Section 1

Member Qualifications:

Active Member Qualifications: Active Members must be enrolled students at Oregon State University, be subscribed to the mailing list and have attended at least 2 regular meetings from the current term.

Associate Member Qualifications: Associate Members must possess either enrolled or Alumni status at Oregon State University. They must be on the mailing list.

Section 2

Expectations: All active members and associate members will behave in accordance with Oregon State University’s Code of Conduct. Active Members are expected to vote during elections. If an active member does not vote then they will be removed as an active member.

Section 3

Active Member Club Rights: Active members have the right to vote in elections.

Associate Member Club Rights: Associate members have the right to pursue active membership.

Section 4

The Organization has the authority to levy dues upon its voting members. Members who have not paid current dues shall not be eligible to vote.

Dues shall be set and collected annually. No penalty for late dues shall be assessed within the first 10 days of dues being set. Dues become unset after a year.

Setting Dues: Dues shall be set by the Treasurer, and approved by unanimous assent of a quorum of officers.

Unset Dues: Unset dues require no action on the part of members, and are automatically waived.

Financial Accommodations:

The Treasurer, with the support of at least two other officers, may choose to waive dues on a per member basis.

Payment of Dues: Dues may only be collected by the Treasurer, and must be paid in full. Members may not pay partial dues, except at the Treasurer's discretion. The Treasurer may also choose to extend membership in case of partially paid dues.

Failure to pay dues will result in the waiving of those dues.

Article III
Organization meetings

Section 1

Quorum shall be defined as more than 50 percent of Active Members.

Section 2

Regular Meeting: Must have at least two elected officers present.

Officer’s Meeting: Must have all elected positions present. No other members are to attend.

Section 3

The club will have a minimum of 4 meetings a term. These meetings cannot fall within the same week. The club will have an officer’s meeting within the first two weeks of a term along with a meeting within the final two weeks of those terms.

Article IV
Elected Positions: Titles, Terms of Office, and Duties

Section 1

Required Elected Officer Titles:


Vice President



Section 2

Optional Appointed Officer Titles:

Web Developer

Section 3

Optional Elected Officer Titles:


Public Relations

Section 3

Terms of Office: All elected officers shall be elected by vote of necessary quorum no later than the third week of Spring Term every year.

Section 4


President: Has the responsibility for most decisions with the direction of the club, but can delegate to other officers. The President will be responsible for the daily operations of the Organization, and any official duties not otherwise assigned. The President is responsible for guiding and giving direction to the club. The President is also responsible for renewing the club with Oregon State University when required by the Student Events and Activities Center and scheduling room reservations.

Vice President: Organizing, representing, and promoting the ACM Student Chapter to the students at Oregon State University. The Vice President will be responsible for assisting the President in completing responsibilities of the President in case of absence.

Treasurer: managing all financial processes involving the club and its members.

Secretary: The duties of the Recording Secretary are to record meeting minutes and maintain communication with all members in regards to information about club meetings (as defined in Article VI, Section I).

Web Developer: The web developer is responsible for creating, designing, maintaining, and updating the website.

Marketing: The marketing officer is responsible for promoting the club and establishing close relations with the EECS Department and College of Engineering.

Corporate Relations: The corporate relations officer is responsible for establishing close relations between the club and companies who hire computer science graduates. They are also responsible for setting up meetings with companies and facilitating interactions between companies and club members.

Article V
Removal of Officers and Members

Section 1

Any elected official may be removed from office during an official meeting with a successful vote. A successful vote is a 2/3rds vote of the present quorum. The club shall be notified via the listserv of this vote no fewer than 24 hours in advance. Any elected official other than the official under question may initiate this vote.

Section 2

Persons in elected positions have the right to resign. Such persons will forfeit their ability to run for an elected position for one term. A replacement for the empty position must be voted in.

Section 3

Any member can be removed from active status with a vote by 6 out of 7 of the officers at the officer's discretion.

Section 4

Removal occurs at the end of the term

Article VI
Method of Amending Constitution: Proposals, notice, and voting requirements

Section 1

Proposed amendments must be completed in writing by an active member and brought to one of the elected officials.

Section 2

Elected positions will review the amendment during a business meeting. While under review, 6 out of 7 votes are needed to: veto the amendment, or put the amendment up for vote at an official meeting.

Section 3

The amendment will be applied to the Constitution no later than the next academic term by the president.

Section 4

There are no limits to how often the Constitution can be amended.

Article VII
Parliamentary Authority

Section 1

The rules contained in the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the organization in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the constitution, bylaws and special rules of order the organization may adopt.


Term: Fall, Winter or Spring term. Not inclusive of Summer term.

Mailing List: The currently active Oregon State University ACM Student Chapter mailing list