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Every year, EECS student clubs organize a School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Graduation Celebration. This event is shorter and more personal than the University wide graduation and is tailored to the faculty and students of our school. Come join the celebration!

Quick Facts

How Do I Register?

EECS students who wish to participate in the School of EECS Graduation Celebration MUST register before the deadline: May 31st, 2016.

Vote for the staff and faculty awards!

Click here to vote for staff and faculty awards, to be given out at the Graduation Celebration.

The deadline for voting is May 31st, 2016 .

Have any photos from this past school year?

A slideshow will be running spotlighting students, groups and events during the ceremony. If you have photos that you would like to see in this slideshow, email them to eecs-graduation@engr.oregonstate.edu

Or, you can also submit them through this Facebook event or this Flickr event

Become part of the EECS Graduation Celebration Slideshow!