One of the ways that industries partners support AGC is through speaker meetings.  Any company that performs work related to construction is welcome to hold a speaker meeting.  Companies typically present on a pertinent construction topic with an informational message about their company by one or more company employees.  The monetary contribution paid by the company is used to provide food and drinks at the meetings.  In return, AGC orders the food and drinks, provides necessary audio/visual equipment, and promotes the meeting around campus.  Organizations are encouraged to bring company marketing paraphernalia (t-shirts, hats, coffee cups) to give  away either directly or via a free raffle after the meeting. Companies that would like to schedule interviews for either internship or full time positions should contact Lauren Farmen at (541) 737-4096 prior to your company’s visit.

If you would like to schedule a company presentation or for more information about speaker meetings, please contact Kenny Semenko or Alexandra Budlong at




Speaker meetings are beneficial to both students and contractors. Students receive networking opportunities with both their peers and the presenting construction professionals.  Many students find internship and full time positions based on their experiences at speaker meetings with companies.  For contractors, speaker meetings serve as an invaluable marketing tool to share their company values, culture, and goals with prospective employees.

More Information

Speaker meetings generally take place Monday through Thursday nights, starting approximately at 6:00 PM. Food and drinks are ordered by AGC and sponsored by contractors. The sponsoring organization typically begins with an educational topic related to the construction industry and then presents a company overview. Food and beverages are served at the end of the hour. Before or after the presentation, companies may sign students up for interviews or give away company marketing paraphernalia.