The OSU Design Build Fly (DBF) team competed, for its sixth year, in the annual AIAA DBF competition hosted in Tucson, AZ. The DBF competition is a university engineering competition that challenges students to design, manufacture, and fly a remote-controlled aircraft that meets a set of mission requirements which change every year. The 2017 competition year’s mission profile required teams to construct a tube-launched UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), with regulation hockey pucks as the selected payload.
The OSU team decided to go with a sleek flying wing design for their competition aircraft. The final UAV was constructed of carbon fiber and Kevlar composite materials, and weighed just a little under 1.3 lbs! The aircraft was capable of carrying three hockey pucks for the payload. The most innovative and rather unique feature of the overall design was the flexible carbon fiber wing that allowed the aircraft to essentially “roll-up” into a 5” diameter Kevlar tube for storage.
Competing against big name schools such as MIT, Stanford, Cornell, and universities from around the world. Oregon State University placed 5th out of the 95 teams present at the competition. The best the team has ever done. OSU has continued to be the highest-placing university without an official aerospace program, and once again, the team has proven that OSU engineers are truly soaring to great heights and success!