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Constitution and Bylaws
of the
Oregon State University Chapter
formly known as
Adopted April 20, 1949 
Amended February 17, 2004
Amended June 1, 2011 
Amended June 27, 2016 
Article I
Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Oregon State University Student Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.
Article II
Section 1. The purpose of this chapter shall be:
1. To promote the professional development of its members by its programs and by its relations with other student chapters and organizations, and with the parent body, The American Institute of Chemical Engineers.
2. To contribute to the development of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering at Oregon State University through activities involving the faculty and all classes of student members.
Article III
Section 1. Any student in association with the Department of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering at Oregon State University shall be eligible for membership.
Section 2. Students enrolled in related engineering or scientific courses may be declared eligible to membership by a simple majority vote of the members. Such a vote shall be considered as applying to all members of such groups rather than to individuals.
Section 3. All members must be currently enrolled for at least 6 credits at Oregon State University and pay student fees.
Section 4. Each member shall pay the chapter the sum of $10.00 per annum as local chapter dues.
Section 5. Membership shall not be denied to any student on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, disabled veteran or Vietnam era veteran status. Article IV
Section 1. The executive officers of this chapter shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
Section 2. The duties of the executive officers shall be as follows:
1. The President shall be the chief executive officer of the chapter and, as such, shall preside over all meetings. The President shall be responsible for guiding the direction of the organization and encouraging the generation of ideas for meetings and activities.
2. The Vice President shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice President shall plan all meetings, provide speakers, prepare agendas for all activities, and organize trips to regional and national conferences.
3. The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings and shall have the minutes typed up, sent to all officers, and posted for all chapter members within 5 days. The Secretary shall preserve all papers relating to the chapter affairs, and prepare and submit all reports requested by the University, Student Involvement, the Chapter Advisor, and the parent body (The American Institute of Chemical Engineers) subject to presidential approval. The Secretary shall keep a record of all student members who have paid dues.
4. The Treasurer shall collect all dues and assessments promptly. The Treasurer shall keep adequate financial records and supply these to the officers or advisors upon request. The Treasurer shall be in charge of fundraising.
Section 3. First year students are not to hold executive positions.
Section 4. The general officers of this chapter shall be the Publications Editor, Business Manager, Outreach Coordinator, Industry Coordinator, Event Coordinator, and Class Representatives.
Section 5. The duties of these general officers shall be as follows:
1. The Publications Editor shall be responsible for publishing the student chapter newsletter on a bi- yearly basis or greater.
2. The Business Manager shall run the AIChE student store. It is his/her responsibility to: purchase food; restock; collect revenues; keep merchandise inventory; account for expenses, revenues, profits, and theft; and report revenues, profits, theft, etc. to other officers at meetings. Maintaining
the fridge is a daily job. We can maximize revenues by keeping the fridge well stocked and it is
especially important to collect money a few times during the course of the day to minimize theft.
3. The Outreach Coordinator shall work with the Faculty Advisor in planning and scheduling outreach activities and encouraging participation in these activities by chapter members.
4. The Industry Coordinator shall contact and organize tours to and visits from businesses and companies for chapter members to attend.
5. The Event Coordinator shall organize all social events for the chapter. The Social Chair shall develop and promote the officer election procedure.
6. The Class Representatives shall be responsible for distributing any important announcements to their respective classes to keep the other members of the chapter informed of upcoming events.
Section 6. In the case that a committee chair is needed for a special event or project, the president will appoint a member to the position, pending approval by a majority vote of all members. Additionally, the freshman representative shall be appointed in October following the same process. Section 7. Officers shall have earned at least 12 credit hours in their most recently completed term. This requirement does not apply to first-term freshmen or first-term transfer students.
Section 8. Officers shall be registered for at least 12 hours currently.
Section 9. Officers shall be paid members of the AIChE chapter. This is free for students currently enrolled.
Section 10. Officers shall have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 and not have been on probation for the most recently completed term prior to the term of election.
Article V
Section 1. General membership meetings shall be called by the President or acting President at any time deemed necessary, provided a minimum of one week's notice is possible.
Section 2. The Vice President shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President.
Section 3. Fifty-one percent of the total members of the chapter shall constitute quorum, and a majority vote of those present shall decide any question, with exception of those questions for which a greater proportion is specifically required in these bylaws.
Section 4. Within five (5) days after any special or regular meeting of the chapter, the Secretary shall make a report of the proceedings of the meeting, comprising a complete synopsis of all action taken, and shall transmit a copy thereof to the general membership, Chapter Advisor, and all officers.
Article VI
Section 1. Election of officers listed in Article IV for the one year term shall take place during the month of April or May.
Section 2. The officers shall officially take office upon the conclusion of spring term (Friday at noon).
Section 3. The class qualifications listed in Article IV shall apply to the candidate's status as of the coming fall term.
Section 4. Election of candidates shall be by written or electronic ballot.
Section 5. Each chapter member who has paid is eligible to vote.
Section 6. Within seven (7) days after any election, the Secretary shall make a report of the election results, including a complete synopsis of all action taken and shall transmit a directory of the executive officer and general officers to the general membership, Chapter Advisor, and all officers.
Article VII
VACANCIES IN OFFICE BETWEEN ELECTIONS Section 1. In the event of a vacancy between elections the office of President, the chapter shall elect a qualified member of the chapter, to become President for the unexpired term.
Section 2. In the event between elections of a vacancy in any officially elected office other than President, the President shall appoint a qualified member from within the chapter to fill the office for the unexpired term. The appointment must be ratified by the chapter at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
Section 3. Whenever it shall appear to the President that any general or appointed officer, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer is failing to perform the duties of his/her office as stated Article IV, the President shall give such officer immediate notice of the fact and provide the board member not more than twenty- one (21) days thereafter to complete the deficiencies outlined and provide any facts and circumstances why the office should not be declared vacant. If the said officer shall fail to cure the deficiencies, then the President shall have the power, with the approval of the Chapter Advisor, to dismiss the said officer and to nominate a duly qualified replacement to serve the duration of the term. The President shall report such recommendations and all facts immediately to the chapter officers by mail or electronic means, and shall simultaneously ballot the chapter officers for ratification of said suspension and said nomination, a majority vote being required. In any such action, neither the officer in question nor his/her suggested replacement shall be allowed to vote.
Section 4. Whenever it shall become apparent to the chapter officers and the Chapter Advisor that the President is failing to perform his/her duties as stated in Article IV, it shall be the responsibility of the Vice President, with the approval of the Chapter Advisor, to call a special meeting of the chapter officers to consider all facts and any reasons why the office shall not be declared vacant. In the event that the chapter officers shall find the alleged facts to be true, the chapter officers will request the resignation of the President. In the event that a resignation is not voluntarily offered, the chapter officers shall with the approval of the Chapter Advisor, declare the office vacant and the vacancy shall be filled in accordance with the provisions as contained in these bylaws.
Article VIII
Section 1. Each member shall pay the chapter the sum of $10.00 per annum as local chapter dues. The local chapter dues will never exceed the sum of AIChE National dues. All first-term freshmen or first- term transfer students receive complimentary local chapter dues payment when they join AIChE National.
Section 2. Local chapter dues shall accrue on October 31, and must be remitted to the Treasurer no later than this date. All students who wish to join during the middle of the academic year will be granted membership upon payment of dues.
Section 3. The amount of local chapter dues shall be determined by the chapter officers, with the approval of the Chapter Advisor.
Article IX
Section 1. The conduct of each meeting shall be based on an informal procedure deemed appropriate by the President as best serving the needs of the organization.
Article X
AMENDMENTS Section 1. Amendments to the constitution may be proposed at any business meeting by any member of the chapter.
Section 2. Adoption of an amendment shall be by three-fourths vote of all members attending a later business meeting, providing that such three-fourths majority shall include at least half the members of the chapter.

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