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Nationals 2014-2015

This page serves as an archive for current students to reference past student’s posters. These posters have been presented at National AIChE conferences. Please remember, these posters are to serve as a guide, NOT to be plagiarized. Respect your fellow students.

Each submission will have the name of the student, the title of his or her research, and a pdf to the poster. If the student received an award, the title of the award will be mentioned in parentheses in the title section.

Name Title
Elizabeth Allan-Cole Highly conductive silver thin films synthesized at room temperature using a continuous flow deposition process
(1st in Material Engineering and Science)
Marshall Allen Deposition of Copper Iodide for Thin Film Transistors via Inkjet Printing
(3rd in Materials)
Hannah Bulovsky The toxicity and reactivity of zero valent iron nanoparticles
Audrey Dickinson Microfluidic Device for Washing Frozen/Thawed Red Blood Cells
Curran Gahan*  
Jenny Green Growth of Anaerobic Cultures under Diluted to Monitor Changes in Activity and Microbial Community Structure
Josh Halsted*  
Christine Kang* Development of a novel embryonic zebrafish xenograft model
Rahasudha Kannan Characterization of Anaerobic Digesters during FOG Co-Digestion Shock Loading
(2nd in Fuels, Energy, and Petrochemicals)
Branden Kusanto Droplet-Based Digital Microfluidics For Sample Collection
(1st in Biological Devices)
Khiem Lam Targeting Regulatory Genes of Cervical Carcinogenesis in HeLa and ME180 Cancer Cell Lines via siRNA
Jolynn Meza Wynkoop* Investigating a Three Step Deglycerolization Method for Cryopreserved Red Blood Cells
Kylee Mockler Martens Hydrogels In Spinal Disk Replacement
Shanna Myers Algal Remediation of Landfill Leachate
Anica Neumann Microfluidic Device for Washing Frozen/Thawed Erythrocytes
Heidi Oldenkamp APTT, PT, and spectrophotometric analysis of coagulation cascade activation and inhibition
Ashaen Patel Computational Study of Copper as a Catalyst for Gaseous Carbon Dioxide
(2nd in Process and Computing)
Sydney Quinton-Cox Photocatalytic Degradation: TEOS & PAA in TiO2 Thin Film Coatings of Glass Beads for Water Purification Purposes
(3rd in Catalyst Group)
Wyatt Self Paper-based Test for Salmonella dublin Detection in Cow Milk
Omar Sheikh*  
Jessica Steigerwald Construction of gene deletion mutants in Teredinibacter turnerae to determine gene function
Jacob Tenhoff Pre-treatment by common anion intercalation
Justin Tran*  
Steven White Distilation Studies of Landfill Leachate to reduce the Total Nitrogen and COD Concentrations
(2nd in Environmental Engineering)
Liam Wong Semi-quantitative Readout in a Paper-based Test for the Home Monitoring of Phenylalanine Levels in Phenylketonuria Patients

* No poster listed and/or information provided

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