New Members:

Existing Members (Renew):

Start OSU Student Chapter Application No Renewal is Needed for OSU Student Chapter Membership
Start National Application Renew National Application

New members and existing members renewing should NOT be paying any national application Fees of any kind.

The ONLY one-time payment ($15) that needs to be made is in the "Start OSU Student Chapter Application" (for new members).

If you are local member and not a national member yet, then all you have to do is Start National Application.


You should recieve an email containing your new "ASCE Number (Membership ID)"

You will need this number in the future if you desire to join Concrete Canoe or Steel Bridge.


If you don't recieve any emails you can find your "ASCE Number (Membership ID)" using the following steps.

Membership ID “Path”:

  • Start on “Home page”
  • Drop menu option “Membership & Communities” and select “Manage Your Account”
  • You should now be on “My Profile”
  • Scroll down to locate option tabs, one should be labeled “Memberships”.
  • Click on the "Membership" Tab.
  • Scroll down again and locate the blue section called “ASCE Membership Details”.
  • Your “Member ID” is your ASCE Number/The Membership ID.