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3d Printed Car Derby

Join us for the:

 3-D Printed Car Derby!!

March 6th 2017 Monday

Covell 216    6pm


Come race 3D printed cars in a fun and exciting way to

apply your engineering design skills. Challenge your friends

or just watch the competition, all are welcome! Dimensions

must follow Club Scout rules. There will be distance jump

and a speed competition. Food will be provided!








 First Annual 3D Printed Derby!
Students raced their 3D printed cars week 7 winter term 2016. With help from 3D Printed Club and AutoDesk, the event went without a hitch. 


Speed and Distance Winners




 Shell Eco-Marathon Spring 2016

We will be competing in the Shell Eco-Marathon spring of 2016 in the prototype battery electric class.

More information in available under the Shell Eco-Marathon tab.

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What we have done:


This even is a high school engineering design competition that ASME hosts annually. Local high schools come and compete at OSU with their pumpkin chunkin’ devices. This gives high school students the opportunity to apply their coursework by solving an engineering problem in a competition environment.


This event went great 

Punkin Chunkin' 2015








Human Powered Vehicle Challenge Spring 2015

The Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (or HPVC) is an annual event hosted by ASME in which ASME chapters from various universities design and compete with their own human-powered vehicle. Teams are given points for speed, endurance, and innovation with their human powered vehicle, all while meeting design requirements and constraints. OSU ASME's plans to compete fell through last year, but we hope to compete in HPVC West in San Jose, California, this upcoming spring.

We placed 12th out of 36 teams, it was the first time OSU competed since 2009.  Our design and build teams consisted of mostly second-year and a few third-year students.  


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