General Meeting: No general meetings during spring term due to COVID-19. Please contact one of our officers for more information about joining the club during spring 2020.
Leadership Meeting: TBD. Anybody is welcome to attend these meetings.
Shell Eco-Marathon Meetings: Currently postponed.

Upcomming Events

3D Derby: Congrats to Thomas Hayes, 1st place winner!
Shell Eco Marathon: April 1-4 2020 in Sonoma, CA TBD.  

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Click here to join our email list! Also, check out our Facebook and Instagram!

Pumpkin Chunkin'

 Shell Eco Marathon

 3D Derby




A fun club competition that takes place at the end of Winter Term. 




Recent News

One of our newest sponsors is Extreme Canopy! We have had the opportunity to try out their standard canopy and it looks to be very sturdy and well made. Check them out at