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Fall 2013 EESS Update/First Meeting

Hey all,

EESS has some exciting things going on this year. Last spring we received funding from Department Head, John Bolte, to renovate our greenhouse on the roof of Weniger Hall. Our main focus this year will be to fix up the infrastructure of the house, gather resources for club members and start a few projects. It will be a sort of informal laboratory that is climate controlled so we can have a variety of experiments and cultures to work with. Eventually we hope to have plants, fish tanks, basins, and composting worms on hand as resources for projects. I will be leading the effort to build open source sensor equipment so we can monitor the climate and projects, like a model wetland for processing waste water. Please let me know if you want to get involved in this! And you can contact Isaiah if you’re interested in the wetland.

Our first meeting will be on Wednesday October 9th in the Gilmore Lounge. We will be providing pizza and drinks.

Hope to see you there!



Payse Smith

Vice Chair


The Next EESS Meeting

The next meeting will be January 5th (Tuesday) at 4pm in the Gilmore Student Lounge.

See you there,

Isaiah Miller


Fall 2012 First Meeting

The first meeting will be October 10th at 12pm in the Gilmore student lounge.

See you there.


ECOE Advising Session

February 15th


Gilmore Student Lounge

The Ecological Engineering Student Society is hosting a student advising session for undergrads in ECOE . Seniors in the program will be answering questions and talking about their experiences in different classes. This session will help you decide which classes to take and when, and what to expect in upper division required classes. This is also a good opportunity to connect with other students in the program and to check out EESS, the Ecological Engineering club. I hope to see you all there!

Soleil Rowan


Resume Building Workshop

There is a resume building workshop for EESS in Gilk 115 at 6pm on Tuesday, January 24th at 6pm.


First Meeting: Winter Term

Our first meeting this term will be held Wednesday, January 18th at 6pm in the Gilmore student lounge.


Meeting 3

The third meeting of the term will be held at 6pm in KEC 1007. We will be getting updates about projects, field trips, and other opportunities.




All future meetings for fall term 2011 will be held in KEC1007.


EESS Meeting 2

We will be holding our next meeting on Wednesday, October 19th in Gilbert 228 at 6pm. Dave Eckert will be our guest speaker this month. He will be talking about several projects that he is part of at this time.