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About ESC

The council is comprised of an executive board and a representative from each College of Engineering sponsored student organization.  Officers and Representatives for 2016/2017 academic year are:


President: Tatiana Thompson (Esc.president@oregonstate.edu

-Organize the activities of the ESC and oversee the Executive Body 
-Schedule General Body meetings.
-Schedule and preside over Executive Body meetings (by performing the duties of a program chairperson)
-Preside over General Body Meetings (by performing the duties of a program chairperson)
-Represent ESC to the National Association of Engineering Student Councils (NAESC) 
-Manage ESC elections and appoint all special committees



Vice President of Development: Simon Brundage (esc.vpdev@oregonstate.edu)

-Assume the duties of the President in his/her absence or at his/her request
-Preside over General Body meetings (by performing the duties of a program chairperson)
-Schedule featured guests to ESC General Body meetings to address pertinent resources
-Develop and maintain resources to aide student organization success
-Plan in conjunction with the VPO & E a student organization leadership retreat



Vice President of Information and Communications: Francisco Boschetti (Esc.VPInfoComm@oregonstate.edu)

-Record attendance and minutes at General Body and Executive Board meetings
-Update ESC’s website and direct all ESC email correspondence 
-Maintain records and files of ESC (“Historian”)



Vice President of Outreach and Events: Sydney Quinton-Cox (Esc.VPEvents@oregonstate.edu)

-Coordinate “Engineering Club Carnival” (and subsequent committee)
-Coordinate “Cupcakes and Clubs Event” (and subsequent committee)
-Plan in conjunction with VPD a student organization leadership retreat



Vice President of Finance and Administration: Fahad AlSinaidi (Esc.vpfinance@oregonstate.edu)    

-Manage ESC budget
-Map corporate support to student organizations by OSU strategic partners
-Organize and chair committee to conduct annual review of constitution
-Organize and chair awards committee





First Name Last Name

Email address

Student Organization Attendance to General Meetings
Week 2 Week 6
John Hammer hammerjo@oregonstate.edu Alpha Pi Mu    
Harrison Rogers rogerhar@oregonstate.edu American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics    
Karen Kuhlman kuhlmaka@oregonstate.edu American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics
Nancy Sinha sinhan@oregonstate.edu American Nuclear Society / Health Physics Society    
Andrea Mather mathera@oregonstate.edu American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association    
Taylor  Morris morrtayl@onid.orst.edu American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers    
Christina Smith smithc7@oregonstate.edu American Society for Engineering Education    
Cody Beairsto cody.beairsto@oregonstate.edu American Society of Civil Engineers    
Wyatt Morris morrisw@oregonstate.edu American Society of Civil Engineers (Concrete Canoe Team)
Garrett Childress childreg@oregonstate.edu American Society of Civil Engineers (Steel Bridge Team)
Oscar Gayet gayeto@oregonstate.edu

American Society of Civil Engineers (Steel Bridge Team)

Aron Walker walkeraro@oregonstate.edu American Society of Mechanical Engineers    
Brittany Heller hellerb@oregonstate.edu American Society of Safety Engineers    
Andrew Riley rileya@onid.oregonstate.edu Associated General Contractors    
Theresa Thurston thurstot@oregonstate.edu Bio-Medical Engineering Society    
Hunter  Lottsfeldt lottsfeh@oregonstate.edu
Blacksmithing Club      
Dalton Myas myasd@oregonstate.edu CBEE Club    
Marisa Thierheimer thierhem@oregonstate.edu CBEE Club
Marina Cameron cameroma@oregonstate.edu CBEE Graduate Student Association    


White whiter2@oregonstate.edu CBEE Graduate Student Association


Marshall marshkri@oregonstate.edu CBEE Graduate Student Association
Lars Larson larsonla@oregonstate.edu
Ecological Engineering Student Society    
Connor Hennesy vp@ewb-osu.org Engineers without borders    
Isabella Lewis executive@ewb-osu.org Engineers without borders


Sheridan sheridme@oregonstate.edu IEEE    
Emily Severson seversem@oregonstate.edu Institute of Industrial Engineers    
Fahad Al-Sinaidi alsinaif@oregonstate.edu Institure of Industrial Engineers
Masoud Ghodrat Abadi ghodratm@oregonstate.edu Institute of Transportation Engineers    
Elijah Voigt voigte@onid.orst.edu Linux Users Group    
Cassandra Remple remplec@oregonstate.edu Materials Research Society    
Jordan Gilman gilmanjo@oregonstate.edu National Society of Black Engineers    
Nick McComb mccombn@oregonstate.edu OSU Robotics Club    
Dylan Thrush thrushd@oregonstate.edu OSU Robotics Club
Chloe Johnson


Phi Sigma Rho    
Brayden Johnson johnbray@onid.oregonstate.edu Pi Tau Sigma    
Haley Demmin demminh@oregonstate.edu SAE Baja    
Scott LeSage



SAE Baja
Dylan Habiger


Jacob Sage sagej@onid.orst.edu Society of American Military Engineers    
Dominique Almendariz almendad@oregonstate.edu Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers    
Michael Ben Tankus tankusm@oregonstate.edu Society Of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)    
Jennifer Shaw shawjen@oregonstate.edu Society of Women Engineers    
Owen Madin madino@oregonstate.edu Tau Beta Pi     
Charlie Sanford sanfordc@oregonstate.edu Three Dimensional Printing and Fabrication Club    
Brett Case casebr@oregonstate.edu Triangle Fraternity