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About ESC

What is the Engineering Student Council and what do they do? 

ESC is a student-run organization at Oregon State University. The purpose of the ESC is to coordinate and support the activities of engineering student organizations, and the students therein. ESC is the single point of reference in the College of Engineering between faculty, staff, and students for resources pertaining to the creation of new student organizations and the operation of existing ones (policies regarding funding, fundraising, travel, events). ESC is committed to helping engineering organizations and individuals reach their full potential through professional advancement workshops and outreach events. 

Who is Engineering Student Council?

The Engineering Student Council (ESC) is comprised of an executive board and a representative from each College of Engineering sponsored organization. Officers and Representatives for 2017-2018 academic year are:


President: Sophia Liu (Esc.president@oregonstate.edu

-Organize the activities of the ESC and oversee the Executive Body 
-Schedule and preside over General Body meetings (by performing chairperson duties)
-Schedule and preside over Executive Body meetings
-Preside over General Body Meetings (by performing the duties of a program chairperson)
-Represent ESC to the National Association of Engineering Student Councils (NAESC) 
-Manage ESC elections and appoint all special committees



Vice President of Development: Tatiana Thompson (esc.vpdev@oregonstate.edu)

-Assume the duties of the President in his/her absence or at his/her request
-Schedule featured guests to ESC General Body meetings to address pertinent resources
-Develop and maintain resources to aide student organization success
-Plan in conjunction with the VPO & E a student organization leadership retreat


Vice President of Information and Communications: Tiffany Nguyen (Esc.VPInfoComm@oregonstate.edu)

-Record attendance and minutes at General Body and Executive Board meetings
-Update ESC’s website and direct all ESC email correspondence 
-Maintain records and files of ESC (“Historian”)


Vice President of Outreach and Events: Sharlena Luyen (Esc.VPEvents@oregonstate.edu)

-Coordinate “Engineering Club Carnival” (and subsequent committee)
-Coordinate “Cupcakes and Clubs Event” (and subsequent committee)
-Plan in conjunction with VPD a student organization leadership retreat


Vice President of Finance and Administration: Dylan Habiger (Esc.vpfinance@oregonstate.edu)    

-Manage ESC budget
-Coordinate Student Org Funding Request Process
-Map corporate support to Student Orgs





First Name Last Name

Email address

Club Email:  Student Organization General Meeting Attendance
Fall Winter Spring
W2 W6 W2 W6 W2 W6
John Hammer hammerjo@oregonstate.edu   Alpha Pi Mu  x        
Karen Kuhlman kuhlmaka@oregonstate.edu  aiaa@oregonstate.edu American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)  x  
Nancy Sinha sinhan@oregonstate.edu   American Nuclear Society / Health Physics Society          
Zach Barlow barlowz@oregonstate.edu  railway.engineers@oregonstate.edu American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association            
Taylor  Morris morrtayl@onid.orst.edu   American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers            
Christina Smith smithc7@oregonstate.edu   American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)      
Nick Hossley


president.osuasce@oregonstate.edu American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)  x  


Cadell Chand chandc@oregonstate.edu concrete_canoe@oregonstate.edu American Society of Civil Engineers (Concrete Canoe Team)
Cadell Chand chandc@oregonstate.edu   American Society of Civil Engineers (Steel Bridge Team)
Aron Walker walkeraro@oregonstate.edu asme@oregonstate.edu American Society of Mechanical Engineers  x    
Brittany Heller hellerb@oregonstate.edu   American Society of Safety Engineers            
Connor Christensen chriconn@oregonstate.edu  appdevelopmentclub@oregonstate.edu App Development Club           x
Kenneth Semenko semenkok@oregonstate.edu  osuagc@gmail.com Associated General Contractors          
Connor Christensen chriconn@oregonstate.edu   Association of Computing Machinery           x
Stephanie Hughes hugheste@oregonstate.edu osu.acmw@gmail.com Association of Computing Machinery - Women's Chapter (ACM-W)          
Arek Engstrom emgstrar@oregonstate.edu  biomedical_engineering_society_officers@lists.oregonstate.edu Bio-Medical Engineering Society (BMES)    x    
Hunter  Lottsfeldt lottsfeh@oregonstate.edu   Blacksmithing Club         x  
Kelly Hollenbeck hollenbk@oregonstate.edu cbeestudentclub@oregonstate.edu CBEE Club  x  x  
Marina Cameron cameroma@oregonstate.edu   CBEE Graduate Student Association            


White whiter2@oregonstate.edu   CBEE Graduate Student Association        


Marshall marshkri@oregonstate.edu   CBEE Graduate Student Association        
Lars Larson larsonla@oregonstate.edu   Ecological Engineering Student Society          x
Julianne Robinson executive@ewb-osu.org board@ewb-osu.org Engineers without borders  x  x


Sheridan sheridme@oregonstate.edu   IEEE            
Samuel Aele ayeles@oregonstate.edu industry@oregonstateiise.org Institure of Industrial and Systems Engineers   x x x x x
Joseph Claveria claverij@oregonstate.edu ite@oregsnstate.edu Institute of Transportation Engineers    x  
Connor Christensen chriconn@oregonstate.edu linux@lists.oregonstate.edu Linux Users Group          
Declan Siewart siewertd@oregonstate.edu   Materials Research Society x  x    x x
Jordan Gilman gilmanjo@oregonstate.edu   National Society of Black Engineers          
Chloe Curtis


psr.sigma@oregonstate.edu Phi Sigma Rho x     x
Brayden Johnson johnbray@onid.oregonstate.edu   Pi Tau Sigma            
Jorian Bruslind bruslinj@oregonstate.edu osurcofficers@oregonstate.edu OSU Robotics Club x x x x x x
Anthony Le leanth@oregonstate.edu   Robotics Graduate Student Association (RGSA)            
Haley Demmin demminh@oregonstate.edu   SAE Baja             
Scott LeSage



  SAE Baja
Jay Swift


contact@global-formula-racing.com SAE GFR  x     x x
Jacob Sage sagej@onid.orst.edu   Society of American Military Engineers            
Christina Martinez martichr@oregonstate.edu shpe@oregonstate.edu Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers         x  x
Samuel Tankus tankusm@oregonstate.edu   Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)    
Molly Carpenter carpenmo@oregonstate.edu societyofwomenengineers@oregonstate.edu Society of Women Engineers (SWE)  x  
Ashley  Berninghaus berninga@oregonstate.edu gradswe@engr.orst.edu Society of Women Engineers - Graduate Chapter (GradSWE)         x
Owen Madin madino@oregonstate.edu   Tau Beta Pi           
John Goetze goetzej@oregonstate.edu   Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Insutries (TAPPI)            
Jacob Reid reidjak@oregonstate.edu 3dprintingclub@oregonstate.edu Three Dimensional Printing and Fabrication Club  x       x
Conor  Wolfin wolfinc@oregonstate.edu   Virtual/Augmented Reality Club