2019/20 Finance Requests

  • Funding Requests will still use the SLI system

    • 2019/20 Funding Request forms will be available soon on SLI

  • New! Funding Request Presentations

    • Presentation time slots can be found in ESC Resource Folder: 

      • If you did not fill out the presentation poll form and do not have a timeslot, contact esc.vpfinance@oregonstate.edu - priority will be given to those clubs who have filled it in already

    • Presentations will be conducted Week 8 - check out the Presentation Request Template in the ESC Resource Folder

  • Presentation Information

    • Funding request presentations will be 5 minutes long in front of ESC Officers and School Representatives, followed by a 3 minute Q&A session

    • Upload presentation slides here: Presentation Upload - Deadline May 21st by midnight
    • Overview of presentation

      • Presentation is meant to be a justification of why your club needs the money

      • Link To Time Slot Schedule
      • Should Include:

        • Overview of the student organization

          • Who you are, what activities your club has done this year, member count

        • 2018-19 summary

          • Summarize what funding you were given from COE and different schools for this school year

            • Include the categories that money was given for

          • Discuss the expenditures your club had this year

          • Include a screenshot of your current CORE account balance

        • 2019-20 summary

          • Activities your club plans on doing; plan for next year

          • Budget for next year - including categories for what funding will go towards

Funding Requests Timeline

Spring Term 2019


Week 6

- May 8th: ESC General Body Meeting

   - Share funding overview

Week 8

- May 21st: Presentation slides due at midnight

- May 22nd: Clubs presentations begin, conclude end of week 8

Week 10

- June 7th: SLI Funding Requests Due

Fall Term 2019


Week 2

- Oct. 9th: ESC General Body Meeting

   - Clubs get to vote on if the funding

     estimate is fair for each club

   - Clubs receive final funding amount w/

      ESC calculations


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