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COE Funding Requests

The College of Engineering at Oregon State University offers engineering student organizations the opportunity to request funding for events, projects, or activities that (A) promote the mission of the College of Engineering, (B) enhance educational and/or professional opportunities for engineering students, or (C) have a tangible benefit to the College of Engineering including visibility, awareness and community involvement.

PLEASE NOTE:  Only College of Engineering Sponsored Student Organizations (SSO’s) are eligible to request funding from the College of Engineering.  Volunteer Student Organizations (VSO’s) and Non-Affiliated Student Organizations (NSO’s) are not eligible.  Please consult the Student Leadership & Involvement website for more detailed information regarding student organizations at Oregon State University.


Request for funding proposals should be submitted to Dr. Scott Paja (scott.paja@oregonstate.edu; Johnson 114) and must include the following:

  • A brief history and description of your organization
  • The total sum your group is requesting, with an itemized budget and brief description of your various activities
  • An itemized list of other proposed funding sources* and the amount requested from each source.
  • How this event, project, or activity meets one of more of the funding requirements listed above (A, B, or C)
  • How you will evaluate the success of this event, project, or activity
  • The name, phone number, and email address of your contact person
  • The name and email address for your faculty advisor
  • A statement of support from your faculty advisor or department head
  • The name and department affiliation for each of your members
  • Your organization’s MU account number 

*This may include departmental funding requests and should include an individual fundraising component.

Each organization is limited to one annual funding request per academic year.

Any funding request that involves individuals, companies, or organizations outside of Oregon State University must also include an “Outside Funding Request Addendum” and be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the event, project or activity for consideration. Failure to complete this addendum and receive the appropriate approvals for external solicitation, inadvance of solicitation, will make your club or organization ineligible to receive funding from the College of Engineering for a minimum of one academic year. 

Student Organization Request for Funding Form (Fillable PDF)
Student Organization Request for Funding Form (Word Doc)
Outside Funding Request Addendum (Fillable PDF)

Funding decisions will be based upon:

  1. How closely the proposal matches one or more of the funding requirements
  2. Completeness of proposal in both content and format
  3. Potential impact of the event/program for the organization and the College
  4. Availability of financial resources within the College of Engineering
  5. Availability of financial resources outside the College of Engineering
  6. Commitment of organization members to the event/program
  7. Commitment of primary department to proposal

All groups receiving funding through the College of Engineering are required to submit a program evaluation at the completion of their event/program, no later than June 1 for programs spanning one or more terms during the academic year. This evaluation should demonstrate how your activity impacted either the College of Engineering, or students within the College of Engineering and should be formatted according to the evaluation process in your proposal unless an alternate format has been arranged.

For students attending a conference, an appropriate format may be a presentation to current students on important topics covered at the conference. For students hosting a conference, an appropriate format may be a report of what was successful and what needs improvement for a future event.

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OSU Women's Giving Circle

Any questions or clarification of this policy should be directed to:

Dr. Scott Paja
114 Johnson Hall