College of Engineering sponsored student organizations have the opportunity to request annual funding support.

Submit requests for FY19 (2018/2019 school year) via email by 11:59pm on June 1st, 2018 through SLI.

Requests for Extensions: 

If your club is in need of an extension please contact Michael Levy at Requests for funding not through SLI will not be accepted

Prior to Funding Request:

The Annual Report and Annual Recognition form will need to be completed before the funding request is able to be accessed. This form needs to be completed on the SLI database.

Requests will include the following:

  • A brief history and description of your organization

  • An itemized budget and brief description of your planned activities for the 2018/2019 Academic Year (FY19)

  • A summary of Activities for the next Academic Year 2018/2019 (FY19)

  • Discuss the funding your club is asking for meets the club’s needs

  • How you will evaluate the success of your organization’s activities?

  • The total sum your group is requesting with a breakdown of amounts sought from:

    • the COE

    • the COE School(s) where your members are students (i.e. BEE, CBEE, CCE, EECS, MIME, NSE)

    • all additional sources: industry sponsorship, material donations, grants, private donations, group fundraisers

  • Organizations you apply for funding through will be able to see your member’s major, and year in the application for funding (Ensure to update your membership in SLI).

Guidelines (info below is specifically in reference to the COE funds, and NOT COE Schools or other sources):

  • Sponsored student organizations that have previously received support from the COE cannot be awarded less than 75% of the largest amount allocated by the COE to their group in the past 3 years (FY16, FY17, FY18).  

  • The maximum request for COE funds consideration is the equivalent of $125/member (ex: 10 members = $1250 max request of COE funds).  This maximum request would provide significant demonstrable alignment across all funding criteria.  

  • The majority of successfully funded requests are expected to be $50 or less per member.


CREATE Oregon State (crowd funding opportunity through OSU Foundation)

OSU SORCE (Funds from student fees to support Recognized Student Organizations)

OSU Women's Giving Circle 


Any funding request/sponsorship that involves individuals, companies, or organizations outside of Oregon State University are expected to coordinate their intentions prior to solicitation with Dr. Scott Paja ( utilizing the “Outside Funding Request Addendum”.  This helps ensure optimal success for Student Organizations in the COE. Failure to do so in advance of solicitation, could result in loss of eligibility to request funding from the COE for a minimum of one academic year.

Outside Funding Request Addendum(Fillable PDF)


Michael Levy

VP Finance and Administration