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Meeting Minutes

ESC General Body Meeting - Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Start: 4:06pm

End: 5:47pm

Special Guests: Dean Scott Ashford


1. Introductions

2. Speaker (Dean Scott Ashford - College of Engineering)

  •  Why invest in the Engineering Student Council?
    • Practical standpoint - Where/ how are the funds being allocated?

      • ~$100,000/yr with about half coming from the COE

    • A lot of student organizations

      • Driving student leadership and success

  • Goals as the Dean of COE

  1. Inclusive/ Collaborative organization

  2. Allowing students who want to be part of our organization (OSU) to join, even if they don’t have the funds → scholarships, pell-grant, etc

  3. Impactful research

  4. Partner of Choice (with the other colleges at OSU, as well as industries)

  • Fun fact: rode his bike across the US in 1976 and is in a book about it (The Bike Centennial)

 3. Upcoming Events

  • National Steel Bridge Composition - Memorial Day Weekend - Volunteers needed

  • Week 8 - Freshman BBQ @ Engr Quad

  • ITE - Feb ‘18 - Hosting National Competition - first one out of California

  • CBEE & BMES - BBQ @ Avery Park, Relay for Life - this Friday

  • 3D Printing Club - Competition - Monday Week 10

  • ASME - Placed 2nd in their competition in all of N and S America

  • Linux Users Group - Nordstrom Speaker - Tuesday Week 7, 6pm @ KEC 1005

  • Phi Sigma Rho - Greek Week is next week, paired with DG and FIJI - also National Conference this summer

  • AIAA

    • Speaker @ LPSC, 6pm for Total Solar Eclipse (8/21)

    • DBF - Competition a few weeks ago in Tucson, AZ - placed 5th - best they’ve ever done!

    • Rocketry - launched successfully, shooting for higher altitude!

      • Competition in June

  • Engineering W/o Borders - $3000 fundraised

  • SAE - Baja - Competition, placed 8th even with the transaxle blowing up

    • Competition: Mid-June and July

    • Another team currently in Michigan competing against 119 other teams

 4. ESC Updates

  • Final Club Showcase Event - W 7-9pm @ Hawley-Buxton Lounge - it’s not too late to sign up

  • Scott talks about the FY18 Request Process for COE Sponsored Student Organizations - Check out ESC Funding Requests Tab for more information 

5. Yearly Reflection + Suggestion for Improvement

      + To learn from others, helps each group succeed

      + Leadership retreat

      - Bad communication

  • Email update on the Friday before the meeting

  • Food at meetings

  • Breakout sessions/ networking

  • More interactive meetings

  • Engaging programming/ professional development

  • Advisory council/ ESC having more power in COE

  • At first meeting: presentation for each organization explaining who they are and what they do

  • More outreach events

    • Target upperclassmen!

    • Possibly targeting incoming HS students, collaborating with STEM night @ Santiam

  • Form on ESC website for updating contact info for each club