04/12/2012 General/Kenya Meeting


James, Zach, Jaynie met with COE to talk about videographer. Mostly for Justin (videographer) be up to date on important items. He’ll need to be registered as a mentor, get shots, etc

Rachael: Met with Prof. Schultz. CCE can provide surveying equipment at no cost. Recommends a total station, but we will confirm against other options. Will meet with other surveying professor Mike Olsen, whose experience in other countries with equipment will be helpful.

Zach: We will bring the weather stations, no laws that he found that prohibit it.

Sean: How to become a member. Sign up with Sean.

Zach: Constitution update – Still needs to be finished. In the next 2-3 weeks.


  • Coordinator positions are being revamped. Will be discussed at the next Board meeting.
  • Need more volunteers – see the Google Doc.
  • Fun Run as a fundraiser? Free Jamba juice as advertising
  • Business fraternity wants to network, conducted social events, and community service. Future fundraisers are a possiblity

Zach: Kenya Updates

  • Submitting 525 this Sunday, 4/15. 110 pages at this point.
  • Mentors have given their feedback and we will be working on incorporating it.
  • Kenya work session Sunday 4/15 at 10 am in Owen computer lab.
  • Concrete Workshop with Dr. Ideker (sp?) will be scheduled soon
  • Water Quality Workshop to get familiar with test kit that travel team will use. Zach will work on getting one organized.

Meeting Adjourned