2/27/2012 Board Meeting

Board Meeting


We are going to Kenya this summer and Emirates is the airline that has donated the tickets. They are going to be fine with us to travel in July. We want to arrive in Kenya on the 12th.


Kristina: Two shots. Trying to find Dr Istock’s room


James: The money for the banquet is in his account so he will transfer that during the weekend. The dancing party – little fundraiser for about $500.


Fundraising ideas: restaurants, selling donates,


The art-expo position is open.  Getting 100 people, and finding donated food this could be a success. 1. Marketing, 2. Art 3. Donated beverages.

Alex does not mind to take over but we should advertise that in general meeting.


It is a great idea to have the coordination positions be votes. Election will have many benefits.


Have Freshman/Sophomore/Junior/Senior Representative.  Maybe have them give 4 presentations in their level.  Kenya Project Coordinator is not going to be elected by vote.


Have a specific role for each of the board meeting. Speakers, Educational (webinars), Presentation, Fun.



Kristina: Make a google doc for the constitu