4/23/2012 Board Meeting

Attendees: Jessy, YunJi, Zach, Sean, Miri, Diana, Matt, Alex, AJ, Eric

Rachael: Met with Mike Olsen. Recommends a total station, but we still need to consider the optical theodolite. Next step is to talk with David Trejo, Dean of CCE.

YunJi: Grant writing workshop at PSU. Set up a doodle poll for a time to work on

AJ: Library hosts a grant writing workshop. Talk to professors who teach WR 327 for help writing.

Eric: if we are still interested in setting up a fun run, he work on making that happen.

  • We could get a t-shirt to hand out to participants.
  • 3K length?
  • We could get sponsors (Great Harvet Bread donations, Jamba Juice).
  • Keep it on campus to avoid insurance filling
  • Time: End of term (Weekend before Dead Week or Finals week)


  • Earth Week Booth- 11-3
  • Papa’s Pizza will let us do a fundraiser with them 2x a year. So we can do another one before the end of the term.


  • Sherene (a friend) is a sociology major that will help us with writing grants.
  • Still waiting on Panda Express for flyers

Miri: Africa night is this weekend. Do we want to put something together?

  • We didn’t much out of the presentation last year
  • Not worth putting together


  • Working with Sean on revamp the El Salvador page, we might want to archive it into a completed projects section.
  • Talking with some people about fundraising during football tickets being sold, we will probably make it a summer project.

Alex: If we want to revamp the website, we should save it as a task for an IT coordinator. Need to start actively seeking one out.

Zach: Travel insurance bought, EZ -scan gel bought. Motion to approve the purchace: Approved by the board