Winter 2017 Quarterly Newsletter

Winter 2017 Quarterly Newsletter
Thank you to everyone who was involved in EWB-OSU last quarter. We made some big decisions, and have a lot to look forward to in the future! Read below for a recap of the winter quarter and a glance into what the Cambodia, Nicaragua, and Domestic Programs plan to accomplish over spring term.

 Cambodia Program

The Cambodia program conducted its first assessment trip to O’rana this winter, where the community is lacking in water supply during the dry season, a water distribution system, and sufficient water filtration. Upon returning from O’rana, the team compiled all data, maps, and partnership agreements to clearly define the problems the project will address. Since then, the team has started an alternatives analysis for the supply, distribution, and filtration options that will play a part in the system. Looking ahead, EWB-OSU’s involvement in the O’rana program will involve an implementation trip this coming winter. Throughout the term, the team will continue working on an alternative analysis and design a system.

Nicaragua Program

The Nicaragua program has been working on the next stage of their project in Los Potrerillos. Last summer, they drilled a borehole well in the community and had the water tested. This coming summer they plan to install new piping to connect the well to the existing system as well as pipes that will eventually connect a new water tank to the system as well. In order to do this, the team has been hard at work designing the piping system, the river crossings for the pipe, and making cost estimates for the trip. During this time the team has submitted the pre-implementation trip documents.

Local Projects 
The local projects program has been working with the Wood Family Farm in Turner Oregon with flooding issues. Over Winter term, they developed a basic design for a drainage system, which would divert the floodwater away from their barn and into a nearby ditch. The design includes two catchment basins at points where the water usually collects and a french drain to leech water from the saturated ground along its path. By the end of Spring term, the team will agree on a final design, determine the cost to the farm, and help them with implementation.

Well in Lela, Kenya

Community meeting in Los Potrerillos, Nicaragua

Conducting water surveys in O’rana
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