To contact EWB-OSU, please direct email to You may also contact any of our elected members directly:

Elected Officers for 2017-2018

President: John Ren

John is a 4th year student at OSU studying Industrial Engineering. As President, his duties are to oversee the successful growth of the program and act as a liaison between EWB-OSU, OSU, and the College of Engineering. John joined because he is passionate about nonprofit work. His interests include photography and enjoying Oregon’s great outdoors.

Vice President: Shaylin Pfarr

Shaylin is a fourth year honors chemical engineering student. On campus, she is involved in K-12 college-preparation outreach, the engineering leadership academy, and the CBEE club. She is currently working towards completing her thesis centering around nano-toxicology before graduation.


Treasurer: Bhargavi Korlipara

I am a 2nd-year student studying Bioengineering. As treasurer, I handle all club transactions, including donations, expenditures, and reimbursements. I joined EWB during my first year at OSU because I was interested in applying and developing engineering skills while engaging in humanitarian work abroad. Outside of EWB, I enjoy rock climbing, reading, participating in other student clubs, exploring new places to eat, and spending time outdoors.


Secretary: Manasi Vyas

I’m Manasi, a chemical engineering major. My future goal is to work in the renewable energy sector and help mitigate the effects of climate change. My other passion lies in humanitarian engineering, as I want to do my part as an engineer to make other’s lives better in impoverished regions. My hobbies include reading, rock climbing, playing the flute, and astronomy.

Executive Board Member: Julianne Robinson


I am a senior in Ecological Engineering and Spanish.  I joined EWB because I am passionate about engineering and service; I hope to someday work internationally.  I am also involved in research on campus, and I enjoy running, hiking, and being outdoors.



Faculty Advisors
  • Lewis Semprini – Environmental Engineering
Professional Mentors

Cambodia Program

 Nicaragua Program

  • John Selker-Water Resources Engineer
  • Travis Walker-Chemical Engineer, CBEE
  • Dr. Stephen Good (BEE)
Paper mail

Alternatively, you may send mail to the following address:

School of CBEE
103 Gleeson Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-2702