To contact the entire board, please direct email to

Elected Officers for 2016-2017
  • President: Conor Hennessey
  • Vice President: Julianne Robinson
  • Treasurer: John Ren
  • Secretary: Michaela Mockler-Martens
  • Executive Board Member: Liz Byron
  • New Program Coordinator: Allen Dysart
  • Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Lead, New Program: Brian Blythe
  • Nicaragua Project Coordinator: Raha Kannan
  • Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Lead, Nicaragua Program: Gabriel Kemling
  • Local Projects Coordinator: Jamie Skeie
  • Membership: Jamie Skeie
  • IT: Keaton Townley
  • Outreach: Shaylin Pfarr
  • Workshop: Rachel Yonamine
  • Fundraising: Brian Blythe
Faculty Advisors
  • Lewis Semprini – Environmental Engineering
Professional Mentors

 Kenya Program

  • Jeff Randall – Groundwater hydrologist (retired)
  • Paul Berg – Professional engineer @ CH2M Hill

Nicaragua Program

  • John Selker- Water Resources Engineer
  • Travis Walker- Chemical Engineer
Position Descriptions

The following is a list of all current positions within EWB-OSU with a brief description of each. Each of these individuals is expected to fulfill their respective role, though it is also expected that many will overlap.

  • President: shall oversee all EWB-OSU activities, serve as liaison to EWB-USA and other chapters, oversee and chair the Executive Committee, and ensure that all chapter resolutions are carried into effect.
  • Vice President: shall assist in overseeing all EWB-OSU activities, supervise the election of officers, and assume the duties of the President in his or her absence.
  • Treasurer: shall keep all finances of the chapter in order, maintain a database of donors, and oversee the Fundraising Coordinator.
  • Secretary: shall assist in administrative management of all chapter meetings, keep all members informed of meetings and activities, record and post meeting minutes, develop a quarterly newsletter, and oversee and assist the Membership Coordinator.
  • IT Coordinator: will oversee the development and revision of the chapter website. This includes working with the secretary, project leaders, and others to ensure that posted information is correct and well-organized in order to facilitate communication within the chapter and to the public.
  • Membership Coordinator: will collect member dues and maintain a database of current member information including name, membership status, mailing address, phone number, major/profession, and email address. He/She will also keep this information up to date with EWB-USA.
  • Fundraising Coordinator: will oversee fundraising activities and shall work with the Treasurer and Secretary to track donations to the chapter. He/She will be responsible for composing an article concerning chapter fundraising efforts and accomplishments for the annual newsletter to be submitted to the chapter Secretary.
  • Project Coordinators: shall oversee the application for and implementation of EWB projects. He/She shall assist in establishing project teams, schedules and goals, and be responsible for ensuring that all projects meet EWB-USA standards. He/She will communicate with community members and leaders, and report progress on projects to the rest of the chapter.
  • Faculty Advisors: shall be available to students when needed to offer technical assistance, aid in conflict resolution, and provide networking opportunities for the chapter.
  • Professional Mentors: will have had recent and relevant engineering experience and work with the project group and the design team, in particular, to ensure an efficient and accurate design process. He/She may also travel to the project site.