EWB-OSU currently has two international programs in Nicaragua and Cambodia working on water projects. We also have a domestic program that partners with communities inside the US.

All community partnerships generally last 5 years and include multiple phases – the goal of this is to fully understand the community’s needs, and to make sure they understand how we plan to meet them.

Cambodia Program

The Cambodia Program is our newest. Work to get it started began in Fall of 2015, and it was accepted as an official program in August 2016. We have partnered with the O’rana community in the Mondulkiri province, and will be drilling wells and building a water distribution system to give them year round access to clean water. We travelled there for the first time this December for an Assessment trip and started on designing the systems the following year.


Nicaragua Program

We partnered with the community of Los Potrerillos in 2014, and members of our team just returned from their first Implementation trip. We’re excited to say they successfully drilled a well that hit water. In the next year a group will return to lay piping and hope to finish the water distribution system.


Local Projects

We also pursue some shorter, local projects. We encourage everyone to get involved with a project, domestic or international. If you are interested in starting a new project as a member of EWB-OSU or have a potential project that you think would be a good fit for the chapter, please contact the executive board.



Past Programs:


Kenya Program

We began a partnership with Lela, Kenya in 2009, and have worked with them to deliver clean drinking water for their community. The program will be completed Fall 2015. For more, see the project page.

El Salvador Program

EWB-OSU is partnered with the mountain communities of Las Mercedes and El Naranjito to design and install an efficient, appropriate, and locally sustainable water filtration and delivery system. These rural Salvadoran mountain communities have a history of deficient accessibility to potable water. Although sufficient supplies of water exist in natural springs, residents must hike long distances and carry the water over rough, sometimes impassable terrain. Read more…

Rainwater Catchment Project

The rainwater catchment project is a sub-project of the El Salvador water project. EWB-OSU has partnered with the Organic Growers Club at Oregon State to design and install a rainwater catchment system on a small building at the club farm. This project not only provides the farm with a new source of water but also serves as the pilot project for EWB-OSU’s efforts in El Salvador. A presentation of the project plans is available in PowerPoint format here.