Nicaragua Program

EWB-OSU began its partnership with the community of Los Potrerillos, Nicaragua in December 2014. The community is home to nearly 2,000 people, most of whom are farmers. Los Potrerillos has a minimally functioning water system, which does not provide enough water to meet the needs of the entire community. Long lines form at the wells since there are only a few access points. The community has asked for our assistance increasing the capacity of their water system and implementing a distribution system.

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The three photos above were taken during our first assessment trip to Nicaragua! Check out the other travel photos from the trip here.

The location of Los Potrerillos relative to Central America.

The location of Los Potrerillos relative to Central America.

The first assessment trip was conducted in the summer of 2015 to gather technical data and identify project goals. During the first implementation trip in summer of 2016, a team of five students and one mentor oversaw the drilling of a successful well. In August 2017, the travel team constructed a pipe system utilizing the new well and collected data for the future construction of a large storage tank for the influx of water volume.

The Nicaragua program is in the process of supplementing the community’s water greatly, roughly doubling the amount of water available daily and almost quadrupling the amount of water during the dry season. This program is currently operating one of the largest projects in Nicaragua. The Nicaragua program has a concrete direction for at least the next two years and we believe that our partnership with the community is flourishing and will continue to prosper.


Photos from trips
Program coordinators
  • 2014-15: Isabella Lewis & Emily Oldenkamp
  • 2015-16: Jessica Steigerwald
  • 2016-17: Raha Kannan
  • 2017-18: Jason Dong
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