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Los Potrerillos is a community of about 1,800 people located in the western central region of Nicaragua.  The community is agrarian, growing beans, corn and wheat in the winter months.  Access to potable water is limited in the community and community members spend hours every day obtaining sufficient water.

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The three photos above were taken during our first assessment trip to Nicaragua! Check out the other travel photos from the trip here.

The location of Los Potrerillos relative to Central America.

The location of Los Potrerillos relative to Central America.

In the spring of 2014, EWB-OSU got in touch with the community through an organization in Managua, Nicaragua.  In December of 2014, EWB-OSU entered into a 5 year partnership with the community of Los Potrerillos.  EWB-OSU took an initial assessment trip to Los Potrerillos in Fall 2015 and a second trip in early 2016.

We hope that through the combined effort of Los Potrerillos and EWB-OSU, the project will take better advantage of the water resources of the community and will allow families to spend more time on other activities.  We hope the project will allow residents to save time and effort which is spent in long lines at the water stations, and will improve the overall quality of life of the people of Los Potrerillos.


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Program coordinators
  • 2014-15: Isabella Lewis & Emily Oldenkamp
  • 2015-16: Jessica Steigerwald
  • 2016-17: Raha Kannan
  • 2017-18: Jason Dong
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