Any OSU student, regardless of his or her major, is welcome to join EWB-OSU. There are many opportunities for involvement, especially for non-engineers, including many open coordinator positions. Faculty members and members of the community at large are also welcome. If you’re interested, come to our next meeting, or email one of our officers.


To stay up-to-date on all EWB-OSU news and activities, you can sign up for one of our e-mail lists (these are moderated and spam-free):

  • Newsletter: Get weekly newsletter updates to stay in touch on events and opportunities. Please use the form below to sign up.
  • Cambodia:E-mail with any questions or concerns about the upcoming assessment trip.
  • Nicaragua: E-mail to get added to the project mailing lists and help out with the projects.
  • Local Projects: E-mail to get added to the new project mailing list and learn more about what we do here at home.
  • Active Members: If you are an active student member of EWB-OSU, we will use this list for additional communication.

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Our 2016 Fall term meeting schedule is as follows:

      General Meeting: Thursdays 6-7 pm, KEC 1001
      Cambodia Program: Tuesdays 6 pm BAT 250
      Nicaragua Team: Tuesdays 6 pm at BAT 150
      Domestic Projects: Fridays 3 pm at FURM 105
      Board Meeting:  Mondays at 6-7pm, MU 212
      *Board meeting is generally for the officers of EWB-OSU, but anyone is welcome to attend.
  • General Meetings
    • Come join us to discuss upcoming events, hear updates from within the chapter, and listen to speakers with relevant experience, among other things.
    • The general meetings will segue into Kenya project discussions upon conclusion of the General meeting agenda.
    • This is the best way to begin your involvement with EWB-OSU!
  • Board Meetings
    • This is where the leaders of EWB-OSU get together to discuss the progress of their responsibilities and to plan and decide future duties and events.
    • All students are welcome to participate at the board meetings.
    • This is a great way to get involved with leadership in the chapter!
  • Nicaragua Meetings
    • Come join the Nicaragua team as they continue their water project in Los Potrerillos, Nicaragua.
    • The first assessment trip, to survey the area, took place September 2015, and a team just returned from their first implementation trip summer 2016.
    • All students, including incoming students are welcome to join.
  • Cambodia Meetings
    • Join the Cambodia team as they plan their first assestrip trip for this December to the community of O’rana in SE Mondulkiri Province.
    • This is a great way to become more involved!
  • Domestic Projects
    • Join the Local Projects team as they develop new projects focused on helping people locally. Even if you aren’t able to travel abroad, this is a great way to see how EWB-OSU can affect their local community as well.



You don’t need to be a full member to play a role in EWB-OSU, but membership opens many doors within the chapter, including the ability to travel to project sites, the ability to vote in chapter elections and referendums, and the ability to be elected as a chapter officer. In addition, as a member, you will receive the satisfaction of being an official part of an organization that is working to improve the lives of other people. Any OSU student may become a member by paying annual dues of $15. This can be done at any of our meetings or by contacting one of our officers. In addition, EWB-USA requires all members to provide basic information for their records. This also grants you access to many resources. The form is available at EWB-USA’s signup page.