HKN welcomed 30 new members into the Oregon State chapter of the organization on November 16, 2016 . The new members are sophomores, juniors, and seniors the top of their classes in Electrical Engineering that have proven themselves through their outstanding GPAs and work ethic.
New 2016 Members:
Stevie Hillier
Harlan Waldrop
Adam Molatore
Nolen Austin
Danny Barnes
Brian Bemis
Corinna Brown
Ryan Afranji
Megan McCormick
Sheylan Sands
Karen Harper
Kevin Bishop
Matthew Beckers
Samantha Holman
Jordan Weaver
Gabriel Dudley
Miles Young
John-Paul Molden
Mohammed Algadhib
Cody Cowdin
Andrew McCullough
Christian Gabor
Makenzie Brian
Ian Anderson
Jonathan Fookes
Christopher Snyder
Vinson Guov
Westley Wurscher
Seth Weston
Joseph Greenwood
Welcome new members!