The purpose of the OSU Robotics Club is to empower ambitious students with resources to build robots for fun and competition, remove barriers from entry into robotics, create a path to success, and form a pipeline of engineering leaders.

We welcome students of all majors and engineering disciplines. Our members participate in international competitions against university and professional teams.

We host both internal projects geared toward the beginner, as well as external projects which encompass all levels of knowledge and skill.

Join us for Kickoff!

If you are interested in learning more about the Robotics Club or joining, check out our Kickoff event! Details are below, and it’s where most of our members join and pay dues every year. We’ll have a lot of robots there, and you can talk to current members and leadership to get a feel for what the club is about. Also, free pizza!

Event: OSURC Kickoff
Where: Kelley Engineering Center Atrium
When: 6pm Thursday, October 8th
Why: Make More Robot!
Questions? Email!

How to Join

Come to our kickoff event! Details above.

Mailing Lists

OSURC has two mailing lists: — Join this list if you are or want to become a member. Only officers are authorized to post information to the members list (in order to minimize unnecessary list traffic.) — Send an email to this list if you have a question about the club or want to get some information distributed to all members.

Featured Projects:

The Autonomous Aerial team was formed in 2009 and competes in the International Aerial Robotics Competition. For the 2013 competition, the vehicle must navigate through a building, remove a flash drive from a table, and replace it with a new one.

Visit here for more.

The Mars Rover team has competed in the University Rover Challenge since 2008, when they took first place. The teleoperated rover must perform a variety of tasks, including locating bacteria, locating a distressed astronaut, and manipulating a control panel.

Visit here for more.

OSURC is participating for the first time in an autonomous underwater vehicle competition in San Diego this summer. The team is designing a small underwater robot to navigate a course of buoys, pipes, and hydrophcurrents. Some of the subsystems include underwater acoustics, propulsion, cameras, and pressure vessels.

Visit here for more.