OSURC Robotics Kit (ORK) Resources

ORK 2011 Resources

Under Construction for Now

Installing Necessary Software:
    Just a quick list of necessary software, more info coming soon!
  1. Windows Users: Install the latest version of WinAVR (for Windows users)
  2. Linux Users: avr-gcc (gcc-avr), avr-binutils (binutils-avr), and avr-libc (avr-libc) will be necessary for compiling AVR-C. Package names are in parentheses.
  3. Download a good text editor if you don't have one (WinAVR comes with Programmer's Notepad)
  4. Download the ORKWare Loader application
  5. Download the ORKWare AVR libraries to run your ORK
Loading Programs Onto Your Robot
  1. Open the ORKWare Loader.jar file to bring up the loader program.
  2. In the program, check that the selected microcontroller is an ATmega32U4 (ORK2011)
  3. Click the "Browse" button to select the compiled .hex file from your project
  4. Connect your ORK to your computer with a USB A to mini-B cable plugged in to the back of the ORK
  5. Check that the RUN/PRG jumper on the ORK is set to PRG, if not, set it to PRG
  6. Press the red reset button on your ORK to bring up the bootloader program, the LED labeled LED should be on
  7. Click the "Program" button in the ORKWare Loader to initiate the programming
  8. If no errors occured in programming, the program is on the ORK
  9. Move the RUN/PRG jumper back to the RUN position
  10. Pull the ON/OFF jumper off and replace it to perform a power reset of the ORK

Alternatively, the console program contained in the ORKWare Loader (hid_bootloader_cli.exe for Windows and cli_linux for Linux systems) may be run from the console. An example would be: hid_bootloader_cli.exe -v -mmcu=atmega32u4 Filename.hex

Competition Rules

Maze Solving