What is ATEN?

The Adaptive Technology Engineering Network (ATEN) is a relatively new group at OSU, with a focus on accessible engineering for those with disabilities. Members of this club are provided opportunities to learn about what accessible engineering looks like in industry and society via guest speakers. ATEN also provides a variety of accessible engineering projects to provide hands on experience to members who would like to create for the community. While ATEN is under the College of MIME, our members come from a large variety of engineering backgrounds, so students who participate in these projects will get the opportunity to gain experience working with those from different engineering fields. Our group is also looking to expand our project list so new members are welcome to bring forward their own adaptive engineering project ideas.

ATEN is welcoming and friendly to those who want to become dedicated members or those who simply want to attend guest lectures. Official members are not required to participate in any project, as these are meant to be available as experiential learning tools. The variety of projects are open to those who would like to further develop their own skills, or would like to learn more about another field from their peers. ATEN also utilizes a lateral organization structure, which allows an easy opportunity to explore different project teams and allows anyone to bring up ideas within those teams. The following list includes some of our most frequently received questions:


What are some of your ongoing projects?

Moon Climb

LEAFS (Leading and Enabling Adolescent Futures in STEM)

  • Our yearly camp that includes STEM curriculum we adapt to be accessible to K-12 students with disabilities
  • Primary contact: Shelby Westerberg westerbs@oregonstate.edu

How do I reach out to the club?

ATEN email: adaptivetechnology@oregonstate.edu


Do I need experience or prior knowledge before I join?

No prior experience is needed to succeed in ATEN, since we are a group seeking to provide students opportunities for experiential learning. Any gaps in knowledge are filled along the way, or by fellow club members.


Is there a club messenger?

ATEN Slack: https://join.slack.com/t/atengroup/shared_invite/zt-htk5qo8j-Kun_1UNmmVUiopx~jdcOfQ


Is there a required time commitment?

No, ATEN provides a variety of projects and events you may choose to participate in.  You can choose to participate as often as you’d like, but the experience you receive will be reflective of how much work you put in.  The only requirement being that you’re upfront with the club about how much time you’d like to commit.


How do I submit project ideas as a member of the club?

Send a message into the general chat on Slack to discuss with the club, or reach out to one of the club officers by direct message or email


When and where are club meetings?

Social media?

Instagram: @aten.club

FAQ for members of the club

Club Email



Time and location

Tuesday 6-7 pm

Join Zoom Meeting https://oregonstate.zoom.us/j/93684493180?pwd=TDB3aHpaRUNSazVzR0MxRi9TVDA3UT09

Password: ATENatOSU

Shared Drive

Default location for sharing files and anything club related



Ongoing Projects

Primary Moonclimb contact

Josh Bamberger: bamberjo@oregonstate.edu

Primary LEAFS contact

Shelby Westerberg: westerbs@oregonstate.edu

LEAFS Box Folder


Pictures and large files from LEAFS

Club Email