What is ATEN?

We at ATEN (the Adaptive Technology Engineering Network) strive to be an interchange between engineering and disability. Our club welcomes students from all colleges and majors who aspire to provide practical and personal solutions to real-world problems encountered by the people of our community. 

Whether you have a problem or want to be part of a solution, we value your input to help us approach problems from a more holistic perspective.

Do I need to be an engineering student to join ATEN?

Not at all! Engineers are problem solvers but not all problem solvers are engineers.


Do I need experience, prior knowledge, or any specific skills before I join?

No prior experience is needed to succeed in ATEN, since we are a group of students seeking to work with other students to find opportunities for experiential learning. Any gaps in knowledge are filled along the way, or by fellow club members.


Is there a club messenger?

ATEN's Discord: https://discord.gg/5pzKbpMgSR


What are some of your ongoing projects?

LEAFS (Leading and Enabling Adolescents' Futures in STEM)


What are some of your past projects?


MoonClimb was a collaborative effort between ATEN and the Sports Product Development (SPD) club. The focus was to design an adaptive climbing device that allows for more climbers to experience the challenge of ascending a wall by using climbing holds. MoonClimb has since become the flagship product of the startup company Adaptive Ascent (Founded in the Fall of 2021 by Joshua Bamberger).

How do I reach out to the club?

Email us at adaptivetechnology@oregonstate.edu, DM us on Instagram (@aten.club), or join our Discord Channel!


How can I suggest a project idea?

Submit an idea using this form: https://forms.gle/Wy693eNgoY6j2a2R7 

Is there a mandatory time commitment?

No, ATEN provides a variety of projects and events you may choose to participate in.  You can choose to participate as often as you’d like, but the experience you receive will be reflective of how much work you put in;  The only requirement is that you’re upfront with yourself about how much time you’d like to commit.