Ida A. Kidder was the first librarian at Oregon State University from 1908 to 1920, where she lived in Waldo Hall - the former women's dormitory.

Kidder instituted significant reforms to organize and modernize the school's library.

As a resident of Waldo Hall, she was loved by students and fellow residents - whom crowned her "Mother Kidder".

She passed away in her room on February 29th, 1920, due to a brain hemorrhage.

A few months before Ida's Passing, she suffered from a heart attack which severely impaired her mobility, leading a team of engineering students to create an electric cart for her - coined "The Wicker Mobile". The Wicker Mobile became a beloved sight to see as it moved around campus.

Though Ida Kidder's passing was over 100 years ago, the engineering spirit that existed behind The Wicker Mobile exists today through ATEN; though, it is rumored that Kidder's spirit lives on in Waldo Hall...

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