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OSU AIAA is a student organization that seeks to compete with other colleges and universities in aerospace engineering and design competitions, as well as complete groundbreaking aerospace research at the collegiate level. We also work to inspire youth in our community to pursue STEM-related degrees and careers through dedicated STEM Engagement opportunities. This year, OSU AIAA has 9 different teams. Five of them are rocketry teams: The Experimental Sounding Rocketry Association (ESRA) team, which flies to an altitude of 30,000 ft with a scientific payload of their choosing; the High Altitude Liquid Engine (HALE) team, which builds a liquid fuel rocket that will fly to the edge of space; the High Altitude Rocketry Team (HART), which flies to an altitude of 150,000 ft using a two stage rocket; the Hybrid Team, which flies using a hybrid motor consisting of solid fuel and a liquid oxidizer; and the NASA University Student Launch Initiative (USLI) team, which flies to an altitude of 4,000 ft with a payload designed to complete a NASA-determined challenge. Two of our teams are drone teams, including our Vertical Flight Society Micro Air Vehicle (VFS MAV) team, which competes in an American Helicopter Society (AHS)-determined challenge, such as simulated disaster relief; and our new Agricultural Drone Team, which will design, manufacture, and test a heavy payload drone for agricultural purposes in developing countries. Our eighth team is our Design, Build, Fly (DBF) team, which designs a new airplane each year to meet AIAA-determined challenges. Our final team is our Aerospace Propulsion Outreach Program (APOP) team, which is a United States Air Force sponsored jet propulsion research team. The Air Force challenges the team to improve the performance of a micro gas turbine engine, such as the thrust-to-weight ratio. Furthermore, OSU AIAA hosts guest speakers from the professional industry and encourages student tours of their facilities to connect aerospace companies with our students and prepare our students for internships and jobs in the field. Throughout all of our activities, OSU AIAA maintains high safety standards, as well as a positive and inclusive environment in which all members are valued regardless of their background or previous knowledge.. With this, all majors at any grade level are welcome to join any of our teams at any time, and will be taught whatever skills they need in order to become important contributors to the success of the teams. 




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College of Engineering

Meeting Information

Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, in the OSU AIAA Lab (Rogers 104)

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Club Representatives

Adam Ragle, President

James Felsher, Treasurer

Brittany Blanksma-Stark, Sponsorship Co-Chair

James Shea, Public Relations Co-Chair

George Le, Social Media Chair


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