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We are the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Student Chapter at Oregon State. If you are interested in Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering Management, or Architectural Engineering, we are the club for you! Being a member of ASCE allows you to further your academic and professional goals while meeting classmates that share similar interests to you. Through social events, industry speaker meetings, professional development events, and volunteering opportunities, ASCE helps you to learn more about the Civil Engineering profession before you enter the workforce. To begin the year, there is an annual “Meet-a-CE Day” that many students look forward to. In 2019, Meet-a-CE Day took place at the Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls. Members who attended this event were able to meet local Civil Engineering professionals within industry, tour the OIT Civil Engineering facilities, and meet Civil Engineering students from various universities around Oregon! Because OIT is about a 4 hour drive from Corvallis, members were able to stay in a hotel with the cost covered by the student chapter. Professional development events like this are an excellent way for you to get to know your classmates in a casual and fun environment! Many club members also look forward to the Annual Pacific Northwest Student Conference (PNWSC) that takes place during the spring term. At the PNWSC, the Concrete Canoe competition is held along with many mini competitions that students may choose to be a part of. The PNWSC is also an excellent way to meet students from neighboring universities around the Pacific Northwest. Many students who attend these regional and national conferences agree that their college experience would not have been the same without it! In addition to the networking opportunities ASCE may offer you, numerous volunteering opportunities are organized for members to take advantage of. The ASCE club works closely with the local Habitat for Humanity Restore location to assist them in any way we can. Popular social events that the ASCE club has planned for students in the past include bowling nights, skiing and snowboarding trips to Mt. Hood, and weekend retreat outings for officers! We are confident that the ASCE club will be a great way for you to meet your fellow classmates in this new virtual environment we are all adjusting to. We hope to see you at our first general meeting! 


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Autumn De La Cruz, President

Anna Nelson, Vice President

Charity Kahai, Secretary

Lauryn Ryan, Treasurer

Jacob Atkins, Executive Chair


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