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The Oregon State University ACM Student Chapter is an officially recognized ACM chapter where OSU students and faculty can meet and share an interest in all things Computer Science. Our mission is to enhance learning through exchange of ideas between students and established professionals, faculty, and other students. We mainly focus on competitive programming, technical interview strategy, and sharing industry knowledge. Our flagship event is competing at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC), one of the world's largest, oldest, and most prestigious programming competitions. We host weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 4pm-5pm, where we talk about technical interview and algorithm concepts, host industry representatives for professional development opportunities, and explore other interesting computer science concepts. You can learn more at our website (, and from there, you can register for our club and join our Discord server! 


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We will meet Wednesdays, 4pm-5pm.

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Club Representatives

Matt Morgan, President 

Shauryavrat Gaur, Vice-President 

Sadie Thomas, Treasurer 

Teresita Guzman Nader, Secretary

Miklos Bowling, Webmaster