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Baja SAE® consists of competitions that simulate real-world engineering design projects and their related challenges. Engineering students are tasked to design and build an off-road vehicle that will survive the severe punishment of rough terrain. The object of the competition is to provide SAE student members with a challenging project that involves the design, planning and manufacturing tasks found when introducing a new product to the consumer industrial market. Students must function as a team to not only design, build, test, promote, and race a vehicle within the limits of the rules, but also to generate financial support for their project through contacts with industry professionals and sponsors. 


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Meetings are every Wednesday at 7:00pm over Zoom(contact a team member or for more info) Physical work sessions and/or testing days are every Saturday in Rogers 132( The basement automotive shop) starting at 9:00am. Come by anytime!

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Nathaniel Garcia, Team Member

Avery Echenrode, Team Member

Myla Garlitz, Team Member


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