The College of Engineering and College of Buisness are working together to throw a new event where buisness and engineering students can work together to create a product pitch. The product pitches will be based around the themes of Sustainability, Health, Joy of Living, and Security. There will be two collaboration events the COB x COE Mixer and the ESC x InnovationX Event. 

COB x COE Mixer

Monday, Feb. 21st from 6 - 8pm in LINC 200

The goal of this event it to allow COB and COE students to meet each other and create teams for the ESC x InnovationX product design competition. This event will consist of team building events, a scavenger hunt, and time to make connections. 

Product Design Contest

This year Engineering Student Council is excited to announce that there will be a new event this E-Week in collaboration with the College of Business. Teams will be composed of up to four members who include COB and COE students. The goal will be to create a slide deck to pitch a product that will fix a problem under one of the Grand Scholar Program problems of Sustainability, Health, Joy of Living, or Security. More information on these problems can be found here. Each slide deck should include up to 20 slides that explains the product, target audience, plans to generate revenue, and most importantly how it solves the problem.

ESC x InnovationX Product Design Judging 

Friday, Feb. 25th from 6 - 7pm in Johnson 102

For this event teams will compete for cash prizes by presenting their product pitches to a pannel of judges. The theme of the product pitches is Sustainability, Health, Joy of Living and Security, we encourage collaboration between the College of Buisness and the College of Engineering for the teams. 

Project work times: Tuesday Feb. 22nd from 2 - 5pm and Thursday Feb. 24th from 5 - 8pm in JOHN 219

Pitch Deck Criteria
  • Maximum of 20 Slides
  • The presenter(s) addressed a problem that currently exists and is prevalent.
  • The product is an adequate solution to the problem.
  • The presenter(s) explained how the product works in a clear and concise manner.
  • The product has a target market and an effective plan to generate revenue.
  • The product is achievable.
  • The product is unique and different than what is currently available.
  • I can see the product positively impacting my life and/or society. 
  • The presenter(s) voice was clear and enthusiastic.
  • The presenter(s) used effective body language.
  • The slides were structured effectively and were visually appealing.
  • Example Pitches


How do I find members for my team?

We recommend attending the COExCOB Mixer on Monday to talk to other students looking for team members. This event will include some team bonding activities as well as a scavenger hunt so you can get to interact with everyone attending. This is a way to network with other students from COE and COB as well as create teams for the Product Design Contest.

So no physical product is needed?

Nope! All we are looking for is a slide deck presentation. This could include sketches, mock ups, or 3D design work though. Your slide deck can be a max of 20 slides and it’s up to you how you choose to fill it and convey your product to the judges. We also ask that your presentation explains the product, target audience, plans to generate revenue, and how it solves the chosen problem.

Do I need to team up with a student from the other school?

You do not have to but we believe that a team of COE and COB business students would have the right mix of entrepreneurial and engineering skills to brainstorm up a great product as well as being able to effectively communicate it.

How long do we have?

You have February 21st to judging on Feb 25th!

There are two project work times to meet with your team. These are optional and you're allowed to meet outside of these times.

Project work times: Tuesday Feb. 22nd from 2 - 5pm and Thursday Feb. 24th from 5 - 8pm.

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