COE's Peer Tutoring Program aims to provide an academic support service intended to help students meet the demands of engineering academic coursework, ultimately improving their success and persistence to graduation. At it's most basic level, the program provides free content tutoring for engineering curriculum; however, we also hope to facilitate the development of confidence, independence and self-awareness in students. We continually strive to create an atmosphere which welcomes questions, collaboration and support, and we are particularly focused on making the Program accessible to all who need it. Our tutors represent every school within the College of Engineering and are available to any and all! Tutors are student employees, which means the College covers the cost of this program - making it free for you! Our tutors maintain stringent GPA requirements and have received at least a B in the classes for which they tutor. They undergo formal training and regular supervision and truly have only one goal - to help you. Most importantly, all of our tutors are your peers - they sit in classes with you, understand the challenges of the engineering curriculum, and celebrate successes with you. We look forward to helping, learning and leading together! 


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Tutoring is available at various times throughout the day, Monday-Friday. This term, all tutoring will be via Zoom. The full schedule is available online at:

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Casey Patterson, Student Success Coordinator

Thuy-Vy Nguyen, Tutor

Anita Ruangrotsakun, Tutor

Emma Barbee, Tutor


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