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2021 Dam Distinguished Awards


After receiving 24 nominations and 140+ votes, the winners are...

Club Award Winners: Society of Women Engineers (Collaboration Award), Institute of Transportation Engineers (Community or Campus Impact Award), Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (Inclusive Excellence Award), OSU Security Club (Best Starting Organization Award)


Individual Award Winners: Elsa Moreno Rangel (Rising Star Award, Institute of Transportation Engineers), Luis Chaparro (Diversity & Inclusion Champion, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers), Rachel Polaski (Outstanding Club Officer, Society of Women Engineers), Daniel De Leon (Quiet Influence Award, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers)


Faculty Advisor Award Winners: Sahid Rosado Lausell (Faculty Advisor Award), David Hurwitz (Faculty Advisor Awards)



Despite a sudden transition to a remote environment, your club has helped students find community, participate in engaging events, and explore their academic and career interests. Engineering Student Council wants to take the opportunity to recognize you. The Dam Distinguished Awards celebrate the achievements and impact of clubs, individuals, and faculty advisors within the College of Engineering. 


We have received 24 club, student, and faculty advisor nominations! Club award winners will receive $150, student award winners will receive $75, and faculty advisors will receive $50. Nominators will be entered into a raffle to win a $25 gift card (5 gift cards total).



Club Awards

Inclusive Excellence Award

    Recognizes a club for its ability to create an environment that promotes diversity and inclusion.

Community or Campus Impact Award

    Recognizes a club that has made the greatest impact on campus or in a community off-campus.

Best Starting Organization Award

    Recognizes a club that has been established in the last three years (Fall 2018 or later) which has demonstrated progress in achieving its goals during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Collaboration Award

    Recognizes a student organization that most effectively creates relationships and collaborates with other student organizations or industries.


Individual Awards

Outstanding Club Officer Award

    Recognizes a club officer who has had a marked impact on their club and club members.

Rising Star Award

    Recognizes an underclassman who has stood out as an emerging leader.

Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award

    Recognizes a student for their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Quiet Influence Award

    Recognizes a club member who has not held a leadership position but has contributed significantly behind the scenes.


Faculty Advisor Awards

Best Faculty Advisor Award

    Recognizes a club member who has not held a leadership position but has contributed significantly behind the scenes.



If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the 2021 Dam Distinguished Awards, feel free to contact me at

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