American Nuclear Society

The American Nuclear Society / Health Physics Society at Oregon State University is a student-led organization tied to the American Nuclear Society National Chapter. Our ANS student section hosts professional development events, research symposiums, social events, and provides volunteer outreach opportunities for all interested students. OSU ANS recently celebrated its 50th anniversary as a recognized student section by ANS National! Most of our members are in the School of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE), though members of other departments within OSU are welcome to join. Our ANS chapter provides nuclear education and outreach through student involvement fairs, university and department organized activities, elementary school science fairs, and K-12 and public presentations.

American Society of Civil Engineers

We are the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Student Chapter at Oregon State. If you are interested in Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering Management, or Architectural Engineering, we are the club for you! Being a member of ASCE allows you to further your academic and professional goals while meeting classmates that share similar interests to you. Through social events, industry speaker meetings, professional development events, and volunteering opportunities, ASCE helps you to learn more about the Civil Engineering profession before you enter the workforce.

App Development Club

The App Development Club provides members with opportunities to learn, practice, and collaborate on app development. The club focuses on the development of user-facing applications for iOS, Android, and the web, and is open to working with any other platforms that facilitate this kind of application. We work to create a community of programmers that are interested in helping each other learn and grow in their development abilities, and we welcome anyone regardless of skill level. In our weekly meetings (Wednesdays, from 6 to 7 PM), we allow developers to discuss their current projects, current events in the application development industry, and occasionally host talks from experts in the field. In our Discord, we have several channels through which developers can seek out introductory help, constructive feedback on their projects, and many other discussions.

Association of Computing Machinery

The Oregon State University ACM Student Chapter is an officially recognized ACM chapter where OSU students and faculty can meet and share an interest in all things Computer Science. Our mission is to enhance learning through exchange of ideas between students and established professionals, faculty, and other students. We mainly focus on competitive programming, technical interview strategy, and sharing industry knowledge. Our flagship event is competing at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC), one of the world's largest, oldest, and most prestigious programming competitions.

Girls Empowerment, Engineering, and Outreach

GEEO is a student-run organization. The mission of GEEO is to engage elementary, middle school, and high school girls in topics related to the STEM fields, and to inspire girls to pursue careers related to these fields. GEEO strives to give girls the tools they need to feel like they belong in STEM. Members serve as role models to exemplify confidence, passion, and determination in their career. GEEO aims to showcase the College of Engineering as a place where women belong. The club is fully inclusive and looking for members regardless of their background with a passion to inspire young girls.


Oregon State Institute of Transportation Engineers

The Oregon State ITE Student Chapter works to advance the professional and social development of its members within the field of transportation engineering. Each term, our group hosts a mix of speaker meetings, technical presentations, informational recruitment sessions, and a variety of field trips, aimed to expose students to various aspects of transportation. In addition to these professionally-oriented activities, we also strive to provide a variety of social events, such as potlucks, BBQ’s, sports outings, and movie nights! We also complete at least one technical data collection project each year to help our members gain field experience while working on real-life transportation projects. We encourage all students (no matter your class standing or level of experience with transportation) to join and learn more about the exciting field of transportation!


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