ESC is a student-run organization at Oregon State University. The purpose of the ESC is to coordinate and support the activities of engineering student organizations, and the students therein. ESC is the single point of reference in the College of Engineering between faculty, staff, and students for resources pertaining to the creation of new student organizations and the operation of existing ones (policies regarding funding, fundraising, travel, events). ESC is committed to helping engineering organizations and individuals reach their full potential through professional advancement workshops and outreach events. 



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ESC meets Week 2 and Week 6 of every term for General Body Meetings.

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ESC President: Subisha Sundaram

ESC VP of Development: Matt Mende

ESC VP of Events: Harjasleen Gulati

ESC VP of Finance: Audrey Collins

ESC VP of Info/Comm: David Celano

ESC VP of Outreach: Tanya Bihari

ESC Chair of Events: Carly Thorkildson

ESC Chair of Info/Comm: Ojas Tendolkar



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