Club Description

GEEO is a student-run organization. The mission of GEEO is to engage elementary, middle school, and high school girls in topics related to the STEM fields, and to inspire girls to pursue careers related to these fields. GEEO strives to give girls the tools they need to feel like they belong in STEM. Members serve as role models to exemplify confidence, passion, and determination in their career. GEEO aims to showcase the College of Engineering as a place where women belong. The club is fully inclusive and looking for members regardless of their background with a passion to inspire young girls. 


Posters / Flyers

   Girls' Empowerment, Engineering, and Outreach Poster




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GEEO Attributes

Diversity and Inclusion


College of Engineering

Meeting Information

Tuesdays at 7:00pm

Zoom Link! PW:GEEO

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Social Media

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Club Representative

Alex Melville, Co-President

Grace Petrina, Co-President

Lenora Mathis, Treasurer

Rylee Marks, Co-Outreach Coordinator

Elle Winn, Co-Outreach Coordinator

Claire Coxen, Co-Recruitment Coordinator

Sahana Shah, Co-Recruitment Coordinator



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