The Leadership Retreat is designed to provide incoming and returning club leaders with pertinent leadership-development skills along with providing them the resources necessary to stream-line club activities.

The purpose of this online event is to continue assisting clubs with soft and technical skills while in compliance with Oregon State University’s COVID-19 “Area Specific Guidance” found in the University Resumption Plan. Information is expected to be integrated into the ESC website, accessible to the public. The website event will feature videos of speakers discussing topics related to:

  • Leadership skills development
  • Becoming advocates for diversity and inclusion
  • Important resources for successful club operations


For any questions, comments, or concerns, contact Melanie T. Huynh at

Meet The Speakers

Dean Scott Ashford, PhD

        Scott Ashford is the Kearney Dean of Engineering at Oregon State University, where he leads the 10th largest engineering program in the U.S. In his five-year tenure as dean, he has doubled the number of female faculty, now ranking Oregon State University No. 3 among all public R1 research universities for the percentage of engineering faculty who are women. Dean Ashford was awarded the 2019 Society of Women Engineers Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Award for his efforts in advancing women in engineering.In 2006, Dean Ashford earned the rank of professor at the University of California, San Diego. He became head of the School of Civil and Construction Engineering at Oregon State in 2007 and has served as dean of the College of Engineering since 2014. He holds a B.S. in civil engineering from Oregon State and an M.S. and Ph.D. in geotechnical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.Under Ashford’s leadership, the College of Engineering’s success —around community, education, research, and partnership —has enhanced the college’s reputation and continues to produce graduates who work to create a better future.

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Kathryn Walters

       Kathryn Walters (pronouns: she/her/hers) serves as the student engagement manager for the College of Engineering. In her role, Kathryn oversees the College of Engineering Leadership Academy, Grand Challenges Scholars Program, advises the Engineering Student Council, and supports the many clubs and organizations in the College. She joined OSU College of Engineering in April 2018, and since then, has had the great pleasure and opportunity to work with engineering students of all years and backgrounds, and enjoys connecting students with resources and experiences that will amplify their growth as engineers and leaders. Originally from Central California, Kathryn earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Portland in 2014, and completed her master’s degree in higher education from Colorado State University in 2020. In her spare time, she enjoys movies, crocheting, cooking, reading, and hanging out with her adorable cat, Lucy.

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Sahid Rosado Lausell

       Sahid L. Rosado Lausell (she/her) is the Director of Outreach, Recruitment, and Diversity Initiatives for the College of Engineering at OSU. She also serves as the advisor for all nine affinity student organizations in the College of Engineering, and works to ensure an inclusive and equitable environment for all our students. Prior to joining the College of Engineering at OSU, Sahid served as the assistant director of outreach for the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she had the opportunity to develop many K-12 engineering programs for underrepresented students in Illinois. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, a master of science in Environmental Engineering, and a master of education in Curriculum and Instruction.

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Brittany Nefcy

        Brittany Nefcy works as the Student Involvement Coordinator for Clubs and Organizations at Oregon State University. Clubs and Organizations is here to assist your club in accessing resources, updating and tracking club information, and seeing your event ideas come to life. We also can assist with connecting students to clubs or orgs that fit their interest or help you create a new club.

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Tyrell Warren-Burnett

        Tyrell has served in his current role since August 2017. At OSU Foundation, he provides the strategic execution and management of a comprehensive annual giving program focused on acquisition and pipeline development, which oversees a team of eight. Prior to this, Tyrell worked at the Washington State University Foundation where he was led Annual Giving for three years. He also served as strategic Marketing and Direct Mail Coordinator for the annual giving team at WSUF, after working for several years in sales and marketing. His marketing experience has allowed him to take a unique approach to annual giving that helps to create innovative and forward-thinking strategies.Tyrell is also an active member of Council for Advancement and Support of Education. He is current member of the Case VIII District Cabinet and serves as the chair of CASE VIII 2021 District Conference. Tyrell holds a BS from Michigan State University and an MBA from Ashford University. 

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The Engineering Student Council

        ESC is a student-run organization at Oregon State University. The purpose of the ESC is to coordinate and support the activities of engineering student organizations, and the students therein. ESC is the single point of reference in the College of Engineering between faculty, staff, and students for resources pertaining to the creation of new student organizations and the operation of existing ones (policies regarding funding, fundraising, travel, events). ESC is committed to helping engineering organizations and individuals reach their full potential through professional advancement workshops and outreach events.

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