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Importance of community involvement as an engineer

Focus: Why young engineers should involve themselves in meaningful activities in communities that encourage challenge and creative thinking.

Dean Ashford gives insightful information into some of the co-curriculars available at OSU, as well as expanding on the opportunity to develop many skills and the inclusive nature that engineering has to offer.

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Leadership programs the College of Engineering offers

Focus: What these external programs offer to future engineering leaders and why they matter.

Kathryn Walters introduces the COE Leadership Academy and the slew of resources available to engineering students: Grand Challenge Scholars Program, Networking, and Virtual Events.


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Diversity and Inclusion

Focus: Why and how leaders should utilize their platform to educate and inform their audience of worldly issues.

Sahid Rosado Lausell explains the impactful characteristics of a leader in engineering; creating a culture that cares, exercising a good sense versus common sense, and understanding the social implications of their work.

Organization gatherings and travel

Focus: How and where clubs can continue to operate in-person within OHA guidelines.

President of the Engineering Student Council illustrates the current restrictions and requirements for travel and organization activity under the current precedent.


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Navigation of Ideal-Logic

Focus: RSO Account Codes, payment methods, general RSO FAQ, tracking events, and how to navigte CORE account.

Brittany Nefcy gives a tutorial on how to navigate and operate your club/organizations Ideal Logic site, while also highlighting new tools and behavior of the site.


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The OSU Foundation

Focus: The purpose of the OSU Foundation and its relevance to engineering students and clubs.

Tyrell Warren-Burnett gives an in-depth description of the OSU Foundation’s ability to reach out to a vast network of alumni and offer funding to OSU organizations, projects, and philanthropy.

  ESC specific resources

Focus: Resources and events ESC organizes to help clubs gain exposure and the role ESC plays in helping with funding requests.

Engineering Student Council presents guidance from specialized officials on how to operate your student club and the opportunities available to expand/market.


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