Club Description

The Oregon State Concrete Canoe Team is part of the American Society of Civil Engineers’ international competition in which we construct canoes from lightweight concrete and race them against other schools who have done the same. Most years we have a variety of tasks that we need to complete in order to compete including: mix design where we determine if our concrete mix is strong enough and light enough for racing, hull design where the physical design of the boat is determined, paddling where we have up to four team members at a time out on the water to train to race as fast as possible, aesthetics to create an overarching theme around which we style the design of the boat and our presentation, and the academics who write up our final paper which we submit to the ASCE which includes our mix tables, year long design process, and hand calculations of the boat’s stresses. This year we expect more of an emphasis on the paper and final presentation than the physical canoe itself and racing. Concrete Canoe has several lead positions open for interested and diligent newcomers and is always looking for new blood looking to participate at any level. We hope to hear from you and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 






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Club Representatives

John Henderson, Team Captain

Quiad Ebanks, Construction Lead

Joey Biever, Mix Lead

Anna Beran, Paddling Lead

Thomas Close, Co-Hull Design Lead


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