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Our mission is to strengthen the OSU community by fostering connections between students and building stronger programming skills through quarterly coding competitions and workshops. Because our club was originally created with the needs of Ecampus CS students in mind, our monthly meetings, weekly HackerWeeks competitions, and our quarterly BeaverHacks hackathons are held entirely online. Through small, humble beginnings our club has continued to grow through the support of OSU students, alumni and faculty. We welcome tech enthusiasts and programmers of all skill levels and experiences! 


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Meetings are monthly on Zoom (usually at 5:30pm PDT). For more details about meeting dates/times, check out the OSU Hackathon Club Slack #announcements! For more information on joining the club, check out!

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Club Representatives

Noah Sapse, President and Treasurer

Kharissa Fernando, Vice-President and Secratary

Lawrence Kwok, Treasurer

Konstantinos Drosos, Secratary


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