Pecha Kucha is a 400-second competition where clubs share their story and the projects they are working on using a slideshow presentation that only consists of pictures. Club winners will get $1000 for first place, $600 for second place, and $400 for third place. This is a great opportunity for club members to practice their speaking skills and for students to learn about all the interesting things COE clubs are doing! 

Time and Date: Tuesday Feb. 22nd from 6 - 8pm in OWEN102

*File Submission at bottom of page*

Pecha Kucha Rules

  • 20 Slides
  • 20 seconds per slide (the slideshow should change slides on its own)
  • Only pictures on slides, no words
  • One presenter


The participating COE clubs will be telling the story of their club to an audience. The primary goal of Pecha Kucha is offering a mode of improving the presenter’s communication skill as well as information delivery. These are both important skills in the workforce. Importantly, this event offers students to learn about clubs and the specific projects they are working on. The goal for our attendees is to use this event to boost their interest in participating in a co-curricular activity alongside completing their degree. 

  • Pictures

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