Adaptive Technology Engineering Network

The Adaptive Technology Engineering Network (ATEN) is a relatively new group at OSU, with a focus on accessible engineering for those with disabilities. Members of this club are provided opportunities to learn about what accessible engineering looks like in industry and society via guest speakers. ATEN also provides a variety of accessible engineering projects to provide hands on experience to members who would like to create for the community. While ATEN is under the College of MIME, our members come from a large variety of engineering backgrounds, so students who participate in these projects will get the opportunity to gain experience working with those from different engineering fields. Our group is also looking to expand our project list so new members are welcome to bring forward their own adaptive engineering project ideas.


American Nuclear Society

The American Nuclear Society / Health Physics Society at Oregon State University is a student-led organization tied to the American Nuclear Society National Chapter. Our ANS student section hosts professional development events, research symposiums, social events, and provides volunteer outreach opportunities for all interested students. OSU ANS recently celebrated its 50th anniversary as a recognized student section by ANS National! Most of our members are in the School of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE), though members of other departments within OSU are welcome to join. Our ANS chapter provides nuclear education and outreach through student involvement fairs, university and department organized activities, elementary school science fairs, and K-12 and public presentations.


Engineers Without Borders

The mission of EWB OSU is simple, to build a better world through engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs and equip leaders to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. We are currently working on 2 projects addressing water supply, quality, and distribution in Cambodia and Nicaragua.


Girls Empowerment, Engineering, and Outreach

GEEO is a student-run organization. The mission of GEEO is to engage elementary, middle school, and high school girls in topics related to the STEM fields, and to inspire girls to pursue careers related to these fields. GEEO strives to give girls the tools they need to feel like they belong in STEM. Members serve as role models to exemplify confidence, passion, and determination in their career. GEEO aims to showcase the College of Engineering as a place where women belong. The club is fully inclusive and looking for members regardless of their background with a passion to inspire young girls.


Ecological Engineering Student Society

The purpose of this association are to facilitate the growth of Oregon State University student involvement in and awareness of the Ecological Engineering field through peer support, field trips, guest speakers, volunteering, fundraising, stewardship, as well as opportunities to gain hands on experience with student led projects.


Oregon State Mathematics Club

Math club is focused on four main goals: 1. Provide, develop, and maintain a strong community of math lovers and math curious students at OSU. 2. Engage in frequent and meaningful mathematics-related community outreach. 3. Present its members with frequent and varied professional development opportunities. 4. Provide for its members support in their mathematics coursework.


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