What it is

A club that provides a place for computer scientists, programmers, hobbyists or curious people to discuss, help, create, learn and explore functional programming. Everyone is welcome, no experience required and all grade levels are represented.

What do we do

FPC runs tutorial series on whatever our members are interested in as long as it relates to functional programming in some form. For example, we’ve held sessions and tutorials on: using Haskell as a scripting language, generating computational music (algorave), and theorem proving in coq, and a deep dive into using functional programming idioms in Java. We also occasionally hold hackathons, and code critiques. New topics and suggestions for content come straight from our members. So if you’d like to dive into something just show up and suggest it!

When we meet

Where: KEC 1005
When: Every Tuesday @ 4:00 pm

How to Participate

Participation is voluntary and non-compulsory, you can just show up and start learning or helping others at any point in the term. We do all our coordination over the OSU hosted mailing list so make sure you join if you are interested in coming to an event. Other than that you can hang out with us online by: