Leading and Enabeling Adolecences Futures in STEM

The goal of LEAFS is to help inspire youths with disabilities to find their passion by interacting with several STEM based activities. We aim to promote a more inclusive environment and develop diversity in thought for future engineers, as they tackle tomorrow’s most challenging technological problems.

LEAFS 2020 Topics

Programming: LEAFS's programming activity will introduce students to fundamental programming concepts and give them hands-on experience by programming animatronics powered by arduino microcontrollers.

Wave science: The field of engineering is defined as applying one's knowledge in sciences for the purpose of practical applications. In this lesson, participants will learn about one of the most common and interesting aspects of physics: Waves! Different kinds of waves are everywhere and engineers use their knowledge of them to do anything from building machines, studying scientific topics, and so on. Participants will walk away with a greater understanding of how waves work, and how that new understanding opens up doors to careers in STEM.

Aerodynamics: The goal of the aerodynamics lesson is to give the students a hands-on introduction to aerodynamics. They will also gain a basic understanding of how an airplane generates lift.

Ocean Science: This activity will build a basic understanding of chemistry, including concepts such as acids and bases, and pH. Participants will also gain a basic understanding of how our climate is affected by our own devices, about the specific case of carbonification, as well as being able to formulate their own thoughts and ideas about climate change.

Dates of LEAFS 2020:

January 18th 2020

January 25th 2020