BMES officers are elected annually and serve a variety of different roles in the organization of the club. If you have questions about the club or would like to get more involved, feel free to contact one of the officers listed on this page.



2015  - 2016 Officers 

Miranda Raper Secretary and Interim-President: Miranda Raper 
Kamin Beyer Publicity Chair: Kamin Beyer 
Brianna Goodwin Treasurer: Brianna Goodwin    
Monica Figueroa Event Coordinator: Monica Figueroa   
Nick Larkey Mentorship Coordinator: Nicholas Larkey
Alden Moss Research Chair: Alden Moss
Jessy Imdieke

Network Chair: Jessy Imdieke

Christine Kang Outreach Chair: Christine Kang
Emma Burgess

Fundraising Chair: Emma Burgess